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At Cenvar Roofing we value education. This blog is one of the ways we can provide educational roofing content to our current and future customers. Whether you’re looking for information about roofing materials, helpful tips, DIY roof maintenance ideas, or information about specific roofing products, you’ll probably find the answer here!

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Published January 17th, 2022 in Blog

How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

We’ve just had a good snowstorm here on the east coast! We will share a few ways of how snow and ice impact your roof. Freeze/thaw As snow melts, it gets into small cracks in your roof or even into your gutters. When the temperatures drop and get to be freezing, the water freezes, and [...]  Read More

Published January 6th, 2022 in Blog

What to Do When My Roof Is Leaking in Roanoke, Virginia?

My roof is leaking, what should I do?! Leaks are very intimidating and usually come by surprise. They also lead to many other questions such as: how much will everything cost to repair, what else got damaged, and how bad is the leak? Thankfully the repair process shouldn’t be too complicated! We have a repair [...]  Read More

Published January 5th, 2022 in Blog

How to Estimate Roofing Costs

A new roof can be a hefty financial investment. However, it is also one that can extend the life of your home and protect you, as well as the possessions you cherish. It is likely that at some point in your homeownership, you will be faced with the task of replacing your roof as the [...]  Read More

Published December 28th, 2021 in Blog

How To Find A Great Roofing Contractor Repost

How To Find A Great Roofing Contractor When you need a roof replacement, the first thing you should do is find a great roofing contractor to do the job. This may feel like a daunting task, especially if you have little knowledge or prior experience with roofing projects. This guide is a helpful overview of [...]  Read More

Published December 14th, 2021 in Blog

How To Keep Your Gutters Clean and Well Maintained

How To Keep Your Gutters Clean and Well Maintained As the leaves finish falling and the season transitions from fall to winter, it’s the perfect time for some quick gutter maintenance. While cleaning your gutters may not be at the top of your list of things you want to do this weekend, taking a few [...]  Read More

Published December 13th, 2021 in Blog

Hail Damage and Your Roof in Richmond, VA

How to Spot Hail Damage on a Roof in Richmond, VA Hail comes in various shapes and sizes and this influences the amount of damage caused to your roof. As it can be challenging to see all aspects of your roof from the ground, you first might notice other signs of hail damage around your [...]  Read More

Published November 29th, 2021 in Giving Back

Cenvar Gives 2021

Our Giving Back program is an initiative that allows each branch of Cenvar Roofing the opportunity to support individuals and organizations in the local community. Every year, a percentage of each branch’s profits are allocated to a Giving Back fund. Throughout the year, the General Manager of each branch decides how to use those funds [...]  Read More

Published November 22nd, 2021 in Blog

What to look for in a roof when buying a house.

What to Look for in a Roof When Buying a House As the real estate market around us continues to surge, many homebuyers face the question of what to look for in a roof when buying a house. First, take a step back and look to see if the roof is perfectly flat. There could [...]  Read More

Published November 8th, 2021 in Blog

5 Signs of Wind Damage On Your Roof

5 Signs of Wind Damage On Your Roof    Roofs are built to stand up to inclement weather conditions, but sometimes, a particularly strong storm can cause wind damage to the best of roofs. When high-speed winds accompany the storm, the damage can be significant. You may be wondering “What does wind damage look like [...]  Read More

Published October 25th, 2021 in Blog

Quality Assurance

Local Experts, Peace of Mind, Less than 1% How we are able to say that we provide the best quality for your roof installation? At least 25% of our roof installations are checked by our Quality Assurance Department to ensure that our roofs are installed to the highest manufacturer guidelines. In addition, to ensure that [...]  Read More

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