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Published August 16th, 2021 in Roof Damage

How To Know Whether To Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof 

How To Know Whether To Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, because it keeps you safe, dry, and protected from the elements. Unfortunately, roofs can sustain damage, whether from wind, a heavy rain storm, or old age.  Warning Signs of Roof Damage  Roof [...]  Read More

Published July 19th, 2021 in Roof Replacement

5 Signs You Need A New Roof Now 

Is it time to repair or replace your old roof? Maybe you’ve noticed signs of wear and tear on your roof getting worse, or a violent storm came through your area recently and did some damage to local roofs.  In many cases, there are visible clues that you need a new roof, but sometimes roof [...]  Read More

Published June 1st, 2021 in Blog

8 Tips For Choosing The Right Roofing Company Near Me 

When you have a problem on your roof, the first thing you need to do is find the right roofing contractor to diagnose the issue and help you find the best solution. For many homeowners, this can seem like a difficult task, because many of us have little experience with the roofing services industry.  However, [...]  Read More

Published May 19th, 2021 in Project Spotlights

Metal Roof Replacement on a Farm House In Harrisonburg, VA

Nathan and Lacy live in a beautiful white farmhouse near Harrisonburg, VA. The home was built by his grandfather in 1918, and has been in his family since the beginning. When Nathan and Lacy purchased the house 11 years ago, they repainted the old metal roof that was on the house. Even though the roof [...]  Read More

Published May 11th, 2021 in Roof Replacement

How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost? 

When you realize that your house needs a new roof, one of the first questions that comes to your mind is probably “how much will this cost? Each roof is unique, and a quote must be tailored to the specific situation in order to be accurate. This makes the question of price difficult for a [...]  Read More

Published April 23rd, 2021 in Project Spotlights

A Ranch Style Roof Replacement In Richmond, VA

Hermond Midgette has owned his ranch style home in Richmond, Virginia since 1993. He had known he’d need a new roof for about 10 years, but he put it off because it was difficult to decide what material to use, and to find a good roofing contractor he could trust. In October 2020 the water [...]  Read More

Published April 21st, 2021 in Project Spotlights

Estate Gray Shingle Roof Replacement In Lynchburg, VA 

Several weeks ago, our Lynchburg team replaced the roof of a charming brick home in Lynchburg, VA. When the homeowner, Lucy Wilson realized she needed a new roof on her house, she researched several roofing contractors, and decided to go with Cenvar Roofing after the initial free estimate appointment.  The Project Preparation On the day [...]  Read More

Published April 15th, 2021 in Project Spotlights

A Chateau Green Roof Replacement In Fredericksburg, VA 

Last month our Fredericksburg, VA branch replaced the roof of a cute little home in Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA. The Thompkins family had been in need of a new roof, and decided to use Cenvar Roofing for their roof replacement after interacting with Thomas during the initial free estimate appointment. Thomas measured their roof, determined that [...]  Read More

Published April 5th, 2021 in Giving Back

A New Roof For The King Family

Cenvar Roofing Replaces A Roof For A Family In The Lynchburg Community Eugene and Carolyn King have owned their home just outside of Lynchburg, VA, for 21 years. They love the home and the area and feel fortunate to be in a place where they have stability. In 2017, however, their roof reached the end [...]  Read More

Published April 5th, 2021 in Giving Back

A new roof for the Rucker Family

Cenvar Gives 2020 – A Free Roof Replacement In Lynchburg, VA   In March 2020 we partnered with Foster Fuels, Woolridge Heating and Air, and No Roof Left Behind to give away a brand new roof to a member of the Lynchburg community. We started the giveaway by asking local community members to nominate a [...]  Read More