Best Methods for Cleaning and Maintaining Gutters

There are some homeowner tasks that are fun to do and you never put off. Then there are others tasks, like cleaning and maintaining gutters, that you never want to do. Nevertheless, clean gutters that are free of leaves and other debris help protect your landscaping, siding, and even foundation from expensive water damage and repairs.

In order to avoid $10,000+ repairs do to overflowing gutters, a saturated foundation, and roof repairs, here are some tips for proper gutter cleaning and maintenance:

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

To prevent the need for a roof repair, you should clean your gutters at least once per year. If you have nearby or overhanging trees, then you should clean them out more often than this. Before big storms, you should double check your gutters, especially around the downspout, to make sure they are all clear and won’t lead to overflow.

The Best Strategies For Maintaining Your Gutters

While you may be most concerned with avoiding the need for a roof repair or a foundation repair, safety should be your most important focus. Always wear a long sleeved shirt and waterproof rubber gloves when cleaning out your gutters to protect your skin from debris and clogged water. Make sure your ladder is extendable and reliable. To keep your ladder from damaging your gutters, make sure it has standoff stabilizers.

You can get a gutter scoop at practically any hardware store for $25, which you should use when clearing out trapped leaves and debris in your gutter. Don’t just throw the debris on your lawn, but rather collect everything in a plastic tarp or bag. Once you think you’ve cleaned out all the debris, use a garden hose to flush the gutters and be watchful for any leaks.

The best way to spare yourself from roof repairs relating to overflowing or weighted-down gutters is to keep your gutters clean and well maintained throughout the year. 

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