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Common Threats That Damage Your Roof

Between hurricane Laura and the resulting tornadoes, the intense windstorms in Utah and now the fires that are ravaging the western U.S., natural disasters are at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now. While it’s difficult to protect a roof from such extreme disasters as those listed above, there are multiple small steps homeowners can take to protect their roofs from damage and make sure they are in the best condition possible to face the unexpected. Here are the top 3 tips: 

Trim branches 

No matter what you’re preparing for, trimming branches away from your roof is an important safety precaution. Low hanging branches near the roof are susceptible to being blown off in a wind or snow storm, or being ripped off by a tornado. In the event of a fire, a branch near the roof can function as the means of travel for the fire from the tree to your roof. 

Regular Inspections For Damage

Regular roof inspections are key to preventing damage to your roof. Routine inspections allow smaller problems to be caught before they turn into bigger ones. This minimizes the risk of pre-existing damage on the roof to intensify in the event of a natural disaster or major storm. 

Stay On Top Of Repairs 

Keeping your roof in excellent shape will help protect it in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. Sturdy roofs in top condition are less likely to sustain damage when a storm does come their way, and even if damage is sustained, the better shape the roof is in before, the less extensive the damage usually is. 

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