FAQ’s About Your New Roof

Are you facing a roof replacement in the near future and wondering what to expect? While are usually lots of unknowns for homeowners, here at Cenvar Roofing, we are committed to being fully transparent and providing you with all of the information you need to make a fully informed decision. So, here are 5 of the most commonly asked questions about a roof replacement: 

When do I need a replacement?

A new roof can become necessary for a variety of reasons, including age, wear-and-tear, or damage from a big storm. Sometimes homeowners have an indication that it is time, such as a leak or visible damage after a storm, but many times, the extent of the damage isn’t visible from the ground and needs to be assessed by a professional. If you suspect this may be the case for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule a free estimate. 

How do I choose the right contractor? 

When navigating repairs and replacements it is crucial to use a professional roofing company who is committed to quality workmanship and customer service. Check the reviews of companies you are considering, and make sure that their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their reviews and ratings. 

What material options do I have? 

There are a variety of roofing materials that homeowners have available to them when they replace their roof, including shingles, metal, and faux slate. When you schedule a free estimate with Cenvar Roofing our qualified team member will inspect your roof and walk you through all of your options, helping you choose the best one for your needs. 

What do I need to do to prepare?

While we handle everything on the day of the replacement, there are a few things homeowners can do to make the process go more smoothly. First, remove loose items from your walls and shelves. The hammering on the roof could cause vibrations that lead to things falling. Another helpful tip is to clear your driveway as much as possible. Our crews our very good at navigating tight spaces, but moving extra cars and other things out of the way will give them the space they need to work. 

How long will your work last? 

Here at Cenvar Roofing we include a 50 year warranty with each roof we sell. This covers the workmanship and materials, and ensures that if anything goes wrong with either of these, we will fix it free of charge. A well maintained roof can last well beyond 50 years, it just depends on the home and quality of care. 

If you are looking for a quality company to handle your roof replacement, look no further than Cenvar Roofing. Give your local branch a call today to schedule your free estimate!

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