What Is The Lifespan Of My New Roof?

When faced with a roof replacement, the most common question homeowners ask is “so, how long will my new roof last?” While each roof and home is different and it is difficult to give an exact prediction as to how long the roof will actually last, depending on the material and installation method the homeowner chooses, we can give a pretty reliable ballpark estimate. Here is a list of some of the most common roofing materials and their estimated lifespan: 

Shingle Roofs 

If installed properly, and maintained well, asphalt shingle roofs have the potential to last 50 years or longer. While storms, heat, and snow can cause wear and tear, and require some roof repairs here and there, if they are taken care of well, the need for a complete roof replacement is years and years down the road. 

Metal Roofs 

Metal roofs are among some of the longest lasting roofs on the market. When installed properly and cared for well, metal roofs can last up to 70 years or longer. While they are a more expensive investment on the front end, the longer lifespan can be invaluable to many homeowners. Metal roofs are also the only roofing material on the market that is 100% non-combustible throughout its entire lifespan, making it a solid choice for many homeowners. 

Faux Slate Roofs 

Synthetic slate shingles may be the longest lasting roofing material on the market. With a projected lifespan of 100 years, faux slate roofs are a fantastic option for the homeowner who just doesn’t want to deal with their roof anymore. Most synthetic slate roofs come with a 50 year warranty, but when maintained well, are able to last double that time. 

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