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What To Expect During A Roof Replacement

The roof replacement process is complicated, but less so if you know what to expect!

A roof replacement can feel like a daunting project for a homeowner to deal with, and in many cases, it is. Because it is a major home renovation project, a roof replacement does have an impact on a homeowner and their property, but here at Cenvar Roofing, we strive to make that impact as small as possible, so that homeowners can continue on with their daily life as normal while we fix their roof. We also believe in transparency and education, and believe that the best way to prepare homeowners for a roof replacement, is to explain exactly what they can expect at each step in the process. From the estimate to the final walk-through, Cenvar Roofing strives to give homeowners a professional and pain-free experience, and we are proud of the steps that we take during this process that set us apart. 

The Estimate Process 

We provide a pain-free experience from the very beginning. When you call any of our branch offices to schedule an estimate appointment, you will be greeted by the friendly voice of one of our office managers on the other end of the line who will be happy to find a time that works well with your schedule. Our office manager will be able to answer any questions you may have, and tell you everything you need to know about this stage in the process. 

The roof replacement process is simple with Cenvar Roofing

One the day of the scheduled estimate, our sales representative will show up at your home on time and in uniform. They will climb onto your house to inspect and measure the roof, and take any necessary photos. After they are finished, they will come inside and have a conversation with you about what they see on the roof and what the best steps to take are. They will be able to answer any questions you have about your roof, materials, and the process, as well as provide you with a quote and contract for the necessary work. You will have the option to sign the contract on the spot, or hang onto it while you decide. Once you sign the contract, our office manager will work with you to schedule the start date for the roof work. (See this article for our alterations to the estimate process during the Covid-19 pandemic)

Our Day-of Process 

There are steps we take throughout the roof replacement process to care for our customers and their property as best as possible. Many of these measures set us apart from our competitors. Here is what we do: 

We show up on time

When the day of your roof replacement comes, our crew will show up to your home in uniform and right on time, ready to work hard. Each member of our qualified crew will respect your property, and do their best to minimize any felt impact to your home or life while they are replacing the roof. 

We clean up throughout the day

When you hire Cenvar Roofing for your roof replacement, you can expect our team to maintain a professional atmosphere as they work, and to leave your home and yard free of trash and debris once they finish the job. 

Our clean up process is thorough

One concern that many homeowners have regarding the roof replacement process is that nails from their roof will be left behind and become a safety hazard to their yard, tires, and bare feet. This concern is valid. When a roof is being torn off, 30,000 nails are being torn off too.  Nails are small, and prone to go flying in the midst of the pressure and movement of tearing off the materials they were holding. As the nails are removed, they inevitably will fall on the walkways, landscape, and grass surrounding the house, as well as the driveway and other nearby structures. When they land on grass or landscape, they can be difficult to see. While contractors do their best to cover landscaping with tarps and contain the nails and debris, inevitably some escape. 

You can refer to this article for a more detailed explanation of our quality control measures when it comes to nails. But it is safe to say that Cenvar Roofing will take great care and consideration to clean up nails as well as possible, and we promise that you won’t find a single nail on any hard surfaces surrounding your home, and that no matter how bad your property looks during the tear-off phase, we will leave no trace that we were there by the time we leave. 

At the end of the job, we will sweep the area with a magnet. This helps us to find the nails that have fallen onto the grass and landscaping around your home. While the magnet is a helpful tool, it’s not foolproof. And sometimes, especially in thick grassy areas it won’t be able to pull all of the nails. This is the reason it is good to have your lawn freshly mowed right before we start, it makes the magnet work as well as is possible.  Soft ground can also increase the likelihood that nails will be pressed into the ground such that the magnet cannot find them.

We communicate 

Throughout the project, the Project Manager assigned to your roof will maintain consistent communication with you, providing updates and asking any questions that may assist them in doing the job well. If you are at work, or otherwise occupied during the day, that is okay! Our project managers will keep you informed via phone calls or texts, and will provide photo updates throughout the day. 

Client communication is important to us

We do a final walk through 

Once the project has been completed at our high standards, the project manager will notify you, the homeowner, that the work has been completed and they are ready to do the final walkthrough. At this point, the project manager will show you the work that has been done, and answer any questions you may have. You will also have the opportunity to check for any damage or inconsistencies, and make the project manager aware of them. Once you are satisfied, you will sign off on the project, our team will leave, you will be sent an invoice for the work that has been completed, and you will be left to enjoy your new roof. 

Cenvar Roofing 

When you choose Cenvar Roofing for your roof replacement, you are choosing a company that is professional, and focused on customer service. If you have any questions about the roof replacement process or would like to schedule a further conversation with a member of our sales team, please visit our website to find the branch nearest you.