Roof Damage

5 Signs You Need A New Roof Now 

Overhead shot of gray roof on white house in Harrisonburg, VA

Is it time to repair or replace your old roof? Maybe you’ve noticed signs of wear and tear on your roof getting worse, or a violent storm came through your area recently and did some damage to local roofs.  In many cases, there are visible clues that you need a new roof, but sometimes roof

How To Prevent Snow And Ice Damage To Your Roof

An icy roof in Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Winter is quickly approaching, and with it, the anticipation of cold weather, cozy mornings, hot cocoa, and blankets of fresh snow. For many people, snow is an exciting morning surprise, but as a homeowner you may have a different reaction. “Is the snow going to be too heavy for my roof? Will the ice harm

What You Need To Know About Tornadoes and Roof Damage

New black shingles on a white and brick house in Farmville, VA 23901

While tornados aren’t a terribly common weather event in Virginia, they still make an appearance from time to time. When they do, the damage they cause to homes can be alarming. These damages can range from strong winds, to utter devastation to buildings and homes in the tornado’s path. With some extreme storms, there is

How Hurricane Roof Damage Affects The Roofing Industry

Grey shingle roof replacement on a brick home in Charlottesville, VA 22974

Whenever a natural disaster occurs, there is a wave of devastation that typically follows and it has to be cleaned up. While not all regions of the United States are susceptible to hurricanes, the aftermath of hurricanes, tropical storms, and other extreme weather conditions can have a significant impact on the roofing industry throughout the

What You Need To Know About Environmental Threats To Your Roof

New black shingles on a white and brick house in Farmville, VA 23901

Whether it’s the risk of icy roads or a flooded basement, there are many environmental factors that can damage homes and property. But with the right responses, most significant damage to your home can be avoided – and the roof is no exception! Most environmental threats present themselves in the form of common weather patterns

Roof Damage To Look For After A Summer Storm

Red roof with a chimney in Lynchburg, Va 24503

July has been a hot month in central Virginia, and with it have come many afternoon thunderstorms. Whether we enjoy thunderstorms or not, most of us just stay out of the pool, go inside, and don’t give the weather another thought. However, a summer storm is a common cause of roof damage, and if a

What You Need To Know About Summer Heat And Shingle Damage

A new roof replacement on a beige house in Lynchburg, VA 24504

Sunblock, hats, and air conditioning are items that help us comfortably enjoy the summer weather. Just like we need protection from the sun, so do our roofs. If there is no shade to protect a roof from the direct sunlight, the high summer temperatures can cause lasting damage, and often without attracting attention until extensive

What To Do When A Tree Branch Falls On Your Roof

Crew members tearing off old shingles

Homeowners are often attracted to homes with beautiful, mature trees close to the house. These trees often provide shade and privacy, and are generally considered an asset to the home and property. However, mature trees aren’t always good news for homeowners. During storms, branches from these trees are at risk of blowing off the tree,