How to Avoid a Storm Chaser in Lynchburg, Va

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You may have heard of storm chasers before and immediately thought of those who seek the adventure of chasing and witnessing severe storms. Roofing storm chasers are very different.  These roofing contractors chase quick and easy money by taking advantage of people right after severe storms.  They come in after a severe storm, drive by

Lynchburg Hillcats and Cenvar Roofing

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The Lynchburg Hillcats have partnered with Cenvar Roofing and our Lynchburg branch to provide a family in need with a new roof. Visit the Giving Back Initiative page to see the official post by the Lynchburg Hillcats. Each year, a percentage of our Lynchburg branch profits are given back to the Lynchburg community through different avenues. Through our services

Synthetic Slate Roofing Shingles vs Real Slate

Let’s start the discussion of real slate vs faux or synthetic slate roofing with some pros and cons. Pros for real slate roofing – They’re long-lasting!  Pro for synthetic slate – They’re cheaper than real slate.  Pro for real slate – Aesthetics. Pro for synthetic slate – Aesthetics – it’s hard to tell the difference

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Roof Looking Like New

Roof maintenance goes a long way to keep your roof looking good for years to come!  Here are 5 simple ways to keep the lifespan of your roof.  Clean your roof of moss, mold, and debris Trim back trees and landscaping Keep your gutters clean Ensure proper ventilation Get your roof a tune up 1

When Is the Best Time to Get a New Roof?

A roofer replacing a roof in July

Some say spring is the best time to get a new roof. Some say that the winter is best. Nope, Summer has to be best to get a roof replacement. Oh, wait. Fall is considered the best time. How are you able to figure out the best time to get a new roof with all

How Long Does a Roof Last in Virginia?

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How often should my roof be replaced? We recently gave an estimate to an apartment complex owner who needed multiple new roofs for his buildings. The roofs were only 10 years old. How long does a shingle roof last? Architectural shingles are supposed to last at least 20-25 years. Under correct installation. That was the

The Four Most Popular Metal Roof Colors

Red metal roof on a cabin in Lynchburg, VA

What are the most popular metal roof colors for your next roof replacement? Our VP of Sales was asked this question, and he quickly responded by saying the following metal roof colors were the four most popular. Red – Green – Blue – Black But what is the most popular color for a metal roof?

How Often Should You Get A Roof Replacement

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Good news here! You shouldn’t need a roof replacement but every twenty to thirty years in the most common scenarios for asphalt shingle roofs! When was the last time you looked at the condition of your roof? It’s easy to ignore the condition of your roof if you don’t have any active leaks. You might

BBB State of the Roofing Industry 2022

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The state of the roofing industry report from BBB was released last week. 65% of roofing contractors are expecting sales to continue to climb. A competitive landscape for new roofing companies. This report stated that the start-up and maintenance costs are low to create your own roofing company. With basic tools, minimal safety equipment, and

Choosing a roofer isn’t like choosing a restaurant

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Are you in the middle of choosing a roofer for your new roof replacement? Don’t treat it like you would when you’re choosing a restaurant to eat at! How do you choose a restaurant? You didn’t think you’d be reading about how to choose a restaurant on a roofing company’s page, did you? There are