Are Solar Panels Safe For My Charlottesville Roof?

Solar panels are becoming a popular option for homeowners who are environmentally conscious, or who are looking for a great long-term investment in the value and sustainability of their home. Solar panels are a fantastic way to increase the energy efficiency of a home, in a relatively low-impact way. However, before making the commitment to solar panels, there areseveral important factors to consider. Here are the top 3: 

#1: Roof Condition 

The condition of your roof are big factors that will affect whether or not solar panels are a good choice for you. If your roof has sustained significant water or storm damage, or needs repairs, installing solar panels isn’t a viable option until those repairs have been done. Otherwise, the solar panels will need to be removed to do the repairs at a later date, increasing the costs and the impact on your roof and home. 

#2: Location 

A second factor homeowners need to consider is the location of their roof, and the amount of direct sunlight it gets per day. Because solar panels generate energy based on direct sunlight, if a roof is in a particularly shaded area, or there is heavy tree coverage blocking sunlight for the majority of the day, solar panels may not be the best decision for a roof, as the energy generated may not be enough to increases sustainability or reduce reliance on the electric grid. 

#3: Slope and Size

Finally, homeowners need to consider the slope and angle of their roof. Homeowners need to consider the size, angle, and design of their roof when determining whether or not solar panels are a cost-effective decision for the home. There are certain slopes that make the installation of solar panels are more difficult, and if there are too many angles or cut-outs, it can be difficult to find adequate space.

What Does It Mean?

Most roofs can support solar panels, and the majority produce a large amount of solar energy that is very beneficial to the homeowner. However it is important to think about the installation process in light of your roof, and to consider all of the factors that contribute to the decision before taking the plunge.

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