How Moss Affects Your Roof And What To Do About It

Moss is a common reality of life in Charlottesville, and many people don’t give it a second thought. While most of the time, moss is relatively harmless, when it is present on your roof, it’s a bit of a different story. 

Why Is Moss A Problem?

Moss grows in blankets, and doesn’t go away, so an untreated mossy roof can quickly lead to larger structural damage all over your roof and home. The roots of the moss will dig in, and eventually lift the shingles of your roof, making a total roof replacement necessary very quickly. 

A moss covered roof is also very dangerous to walk on, because it erodes the structure and makes it soft and slippery. This makes necessary cleaning, inspection and home maintenance very difficult. 

How To Tell If There Is A Moss Problem 

Most of the time, moss is visible through the shingles on your roof, and can be seen, at least in part, from the ground. If you suspect you may have a problem but can’t see anything, a home roof inspection, or a professional inspection should be able to confirm either way. Once you know, you need to act. 

What To Do 


First, you can try removing the moss with a garden hose and some hand scraping. While you may be tempted to utilize a pressure washer, the high water pressure will actually damage your roof more. 


Another option is to use bleach to remove the moss. While it works well to remove moss, bleach has the potential to damage plants and trees around your home, and to discolor your roof. Make sure you know the risks, and use proper protection, before you start with bleach. 

If you have visible roof damage, a professional inspection is probably necessary. Call Cenvar Roofing for all of your roofing needs! Our convenient location in Zion Crossroads allows us to serve the entire Charlottesville community effectively. Call today for your free estimate! 

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