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How To Clean Your Charlottesville Roof

A roof may need to be cleaned for a number of reasons, including debris, moss, mold and algae, among other things. Routine roof maintenance is an important component of achieving a long-lasting roof, and cleaning your roof is a maintenance task that is relatively easy to achieve.  There are several steps you can take to clean your roof, depending on what is necessary in the situation. Here are the most common ways and how to do them correctly. 

Brush off debrisĀ 

The first step to take in cleaning off your roof is to brush any loose debris off of the roof. This could be in the form of leaves, branches, pine needles, or other natural materials that either fall or blow onto your roof. Clearing loose debris off of a roof prevents the buildup of debris, water damage and the potential for bugs, critters, or the growth of moss. 

Water and a scrub brush 

If there is more dirt, debris, or plant growth present than brushing off debris will solve, the next step is to clean the roof with water. This can easily be done with a hose, a spray nozzle, and a scrub brush. Simply spray the water through the nozzle and scrub downward in the direction of the shingles. This will clean the roof gently, and keep the shingles from being damaged in the process. 

Soak with bleach 

If there is still dirt or moss growth present on the roof after the use of water and a scrub brush, homeowners can utilize a bleach solution to clean off the roof. This can be done by mixing bleach and water, and allowing the mixture to soak into the shingles for about 15 minutes before brushing them off. 

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