How To Protect Your Roof From Tornadoes

Tornadoes aren’t a daily phenomenon, especially in Virginia, but when they do hit our state, they can wreak havoc on communities, houses and roofs.  In the wake of recent hurricane Laura, the tornadoes that occurred in the aftermath have brought tornadoes to the forefront of people’s minds, and the questions of how to protect roofs and homes is a common one. Here are the top 4 tornado safety tips: 

Choose your roofing materials well 

If you are building a new house or replacing the roof on an older house, and live in an area with frequent tornadoes, consider the roofing material you are installing. Standing seam metal roofs typically withstand wind and hail storms the best.

Opt for multiple roof slopes 

Two-slope gable roofs are common, but they are not the most wind-resistant choice for a roof. High wind forces can cause roofs to lift from your home, but research from the New Jersey Institute of Technology indicates that roofs with four or more panels tend to perform best when exposed to high winds, because of their aerodynamic nature. 

Connect your roof to your walls 

When designing a tornado-resistant roof, it is important to make sure that your roof is connected to the walls of your home. Many homeowners insurance companies hold that connecting the roof to the walls is one of the most important steps to minimizing wind damage sustained by a home. Ensuring that the roof to wall connection is strong is important, particularly when building the home, or installing a new roof. When your roof is securely attached to your home walls, the weight of your home’s walls and foundation will help keep the roof in place as it is subjected to high winds. 

Keep your roof in good condition 

One of the most important things you can do for your roof no matter where you live is to keep it in great condition. Do this by regularly inspecting your roof and monitoring it for any signs of leaks or other damage. If damage is present, repairing it as soon as possible will keep your roof in great condition. 

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Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown is the Content Manager at Cenvar Roofing, and the main author of our company blog. Her primary focus is to create and produce content for all mediums that explains the complexities of the roofing industry in simple, straightforward language. Hannah has degrees in Strategic Communication and English from Liberty University, and her work has been featured in multiple print and online publications.