Designer Shingle Roofs

Designer Shingle Roofs In Charlottesville, VA

Designer roofing shingles are premium asphalt shingles that are available in many different colors, textures and designs. Designer shingles, also referred to as dimensional or premium shingles, are made from two layers of asphalt fused together. The result is a 3-dimensional shingle that can be made to look like cedar shakes, natural slate, and many other materials. Their dual layer design also brings an added level of strength and durability, as well as curb appeal, to your roof. 

Steps Of A Designer Shingle Roof Replacement

  1. Schedule a free estimate with Cenvar Roofing
  1. Pick the style and color of the shingles for your new roof
  1.  Sign your contract and schedule a date 
  1.  Stay out of the way during your new roof installation
  1. Complete a walkthrough with the project manager and confirm your satisfaction
  1. Enjoy your new roof  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Designer Shingles Do You Install?

We install GAF designer shingles, Owens Corning designer shingles, and Certainteed designer shingles. Our designer shingles are available in many different colors, and styles that imitate a variety of roofing materials including natural slate and wood shakes. These shingles bring an authentic, unique look to your roof and home. 

We also install Davinci slate shingles,which are engineered to be lighter and more durable than natural slate, and offer wind, impact, and fire resistance for your roof. 

How Much Does A Designer Shingle Roof Installation Cost?

Many different factors affect the overall cost of a roof replacement, including the shape, size and slope of your roof and the amount of finishing touches, like flashing, counter flashing and ventilation units, your roof needs to function properly. The total cost is also affected by the price of the specific designer shingles you choose. 

During your free estimate appointment, the sales representative will measure your roof, taking these factors into account, and provide you with a customized quote. 

A designer roof is an investment in the future of your home, and may be a more expensive up front investment than other common roofing products, but it will keep your home dry and protected for years to come. 

How Long Will A Designer Shingle Roof Replacement Take?

The length of time needed to replace a shingle roof varies. Our goal is to finish each roof replacement the same day we start it, but depending on the size and shape of the roof, some roofs may take a second day. We will give you a projected length of the project during the initial free estimate appointment. 

If you have more questions about designer roofs, roofing materials or roof replacements, you can find the answers on our blog. When you are ready to take the next steps with Cenvar Roofing, fill out our free estimate request form and one of our team members will contact you shortly! 

ā€œIā€™m really pleased with Cenvar roofing’s replacement of our roof. They were helpful in making sure expectations were clear and answering any questions we had. They were efficient, moving like a well-oiled machine as they worked.ā€

– Jordan B., Charlottesville VA