What Does The Owens Corning 50 Year Warranty Include?

Cenvar Roofing offers a 50-year warranty with each roof we sell, at no extra cost to the customer. This allows us to give our customers the peace of mind that their roof will last for decades, and if not, that we will come and fix it free of charge. Because warranties are complicated, and many customers have questions, this post will hopefully answer any questions you may have as to what it includes. 

No Extra Charges

While many roofing contractors and construction companies tack on an extra charge for warranty protection, at Cenvar Roofing we do things differently. Because we believe that every customer deserves a high quality, safe roof over their heads, we include a free System Protection warranty with each roof that we install. When you are given the estimate, the quoted price includes everything, including that 50 year guarantee. 

50-Year Manufacturer Warranty

The system protection warranty we offer includes 50 year coverage of any manufacturing defects of Owens Corning shingles, or other Owens Corning products that were used during the installation of your roof, as well as coverage for any labor and material costs that are associated with fixing the defective materials. This includes tear off and disposal costs if they are applicable. 

This warranty negates any risk of human error in the manufacturing process, and gives you the peace of mind that your roof is protected, should any manufacturing issues reveal themselves down the road.


The workmanship coverage is split into two segments: years 1-3, and years 4-50. For years 1-3, we hold a “no questions asked” policy. If there is water intrusion into your home that you believe may come from your roof, we will come out and diagnose the source of the leak free of charge.  If the source of the leak is the roof, and it is related to the installation process, we will fix it free of charge.  If the source of the leak is something else, such as the chimney, the siding, or a window, etc. the diagnosis is still free. 

For years 4-50, we still uphold our workmanship warranty, however if we are called out to diagnose the source of water intrusion and we discover that the leak is not the result of faulty roof installation, there will be a service charge for coming out to diagnose the problem.  If the source of the leak is a problem with the roof that is directly related to installation, then there will be no charge for the diagnosis and no charge for the repair.

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Hannah Brown
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