A Chateau Green Roof Replacement In Fredericksburg, VA 

Published April 15th, 2021 in Project Spotlights
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Last month our Fredericksburg, VA branch replaced the roof of a cute little home in Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA. The Thompkins family had been in need of a new roof, and decided to use Cenvar Roofing for their roof replacement after interacting with Thomas during the initial free estimate appointment. Thomas measured their roof, determined that their old shingles were worn out, and put them on the roof replacement schedule. 


The Thompkins family chose to use Owens Corning TruDefinition architectural shingles in the color “Chateau Green”. These shingles complemented the brick and beige exterior of the home. The underlayment, ice and water, and other supporting roofing materials were also by Owens Corning. 


When the day of the scheduled roof replacement arrived, Tobias, the project manager, and his crew arrived bright and early ready to replace the roof. 

1. Prepare for tear-off 

First, they prepared the property for the roof replacement. This included moving the outdoor furniture, grill, and play equipment away from the perimeter of the roof to prevent damage from occurring. 

2. Tear off the old roof

Once they finished with the preparations, the crew tore off the old, worn-out shingles and other roofing materials. Once they finished, the only thing left was the roof decking. 

3. Drip Edge 

Once they finished tearing the old roof off, our team started building the new roof. The first layer they installed was the drip edge. This thin strip of metal helps direct the water off of the roof and into the gutters. 

4. Ice and Water Shield

After the drip edge, the crew installed ice and water shield. This is a thin rubber material that helps prevent water from seeping through the shingles and into the roof. In rainy areas like Fredericksburg, this is a necessary addition to all roofs. 

5. Underlayment and Drip Edge 

Next, the crew installed the underlayment, which is a fabric-like barrier that sits underneath the shingles to protect them from any resin the roof decking releases. Then, they installed another layer of drip edge, to guard against water intrusion and leaks during rainstorms. 

6. Install the shingles 

After they finished installing all of these layers and took a quick break for lunch, the crew was ready to install the new shingles. They began with starter strips, which they placed along the edges of the roof. Then they covered the strips with sealant. This ensures a good seal for the first few rows of shingles.

Next, they installed the rest of the shingles according to manufacturer’s specs, working their way from the bottom to the top on both sides. 

When they reached the top, they installed ridge cap shingles at the intersection. Ridge cap shingles are thicker than the normal shingles, and come pre-bent so that they can fit over the ridge of the roof without cracking. Their shape helps them shed water and debris efficiently.

7. Install flashing and counter flashing 

After the shingles were installed, the team installed flashing and counter flashing around the chimney. These metal strips protect the intersection of the chimney and the roof, keeping it dry and protected from water intrusion. 

8. Clean up the jobsite and leave 

Once this was finished, the crew cleaned up the jobsite, made sure the driveway and walkways were completely free of nails and other debris, loaded up their trucks and left the Thomkins family to enjoy their new roof. 

Our Fredericksburg, VA branch works hard to complete roof replacements all over the area, and would love to add yours to their list of jobs. If you need roofing services in the Fredericksburg area, don’t hesitate to contact our branch to schedule a free estimate. We look forward to serving you!