How To Safely Decorate Your Roof For Christmas

Published December 11th, 2020 in Roofing Tips, Seasonal Roofing
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We all love the magical feeling of driving around after dark looking at holiday decorations. From light up trees, to sleighs pulled by reindeer, to intricate rooftop scenes, the decor options are endless. As a homeowner you may be eager to display your creativity, but you may have some questions as well: Is this safe for my roof? What is the best way to attach decorations? 

It is possible to safely and creatively decorate your roof! Learning how to safely secure Christmas decorations on your roof will help keep your roof in great condition for years to come.

5 Pro Tips For Safely Decorating Your Roof

  1. Consider The Weight of Decorations

When choosing decor for your home and roof, consider the weight of your choices. Some rooftop decorations like a large sleigh or a nativity scene add a significant amount of weight to the roof, and not all homes are built to withstand it. If you live in a region with heavy snowfall, be particularly cautious, because the combination of heavy snow and heavy decor could be enough to significantly damage a roof, or even cause it to collapse. 

We recommend looking for small, lightweight decorations to attach to your roof. Strands of Christmas lights are a great option because they are versatile, easy to hang, and avoid many of the risks that come with larger decor choices.

  1. Stay On the Ground

Stepping or walking on your roof while putting up decorations can cause damage to the roofing materials. Shingles may lose their granules, crack, or loosen, and metal roofs are easily dented. Walking on your roof is also dangerous, because snow, rain, and ice make roofing materials slippery and unforgiving. It is a better option for you to decorate from the safety of a ladder to protect yourself and your roof from injury.

  1. Use Christmas Light Clips 

Using nails or staples to hang Christmas lights and decor to your roof results in new holes in the roofing materials every year. These holes may break the seal of the roof and allow water intrusion into the roofing system. Over time, this can cause significant water damage to your roof and attic, which is often unnoticeable until the damage is extensive.

Instead, choose fasteners that won’t damage your roof. Christmas light clips are a great option for decorative lights. These small, lightweight, often plastic clips fasten to your roof edge or your gutters to hold the lights in place. There are a variety of clips available that work for shingled roofs. There are also magnetic options that work with metal roofs, and special clips made for flat or rounded barrel tile roofs. 

  1. Ladder Safety

Take proper safety precautions if you are using a ladder to hang your lights. Make sure to place your ladder in a stable location and that the area isn’t wet or slippery. You should also have someone there to the base of the ladder and hand you decorations as needed. 

  1. Keep Inflatables On The Ground 

Fastening large inflatable decorations to your roof can be dangerous for shingled roofs. If these decorations catch a strong wind, they can be lifted and carried away in the storm, taking the individual shingles they were fastened too with them. We recommend placing larger inflatable decorations like snowmen or reindeer on your porch or in your front yard. This way your home can achieve a festive look without compromising the integrity of your roof. 

Cenvar Roofing Can Help With Your Winter Roofing Needs

Whether it’s water intrusion from previous nail holes, or footstep-related shingle damage, if you are in need of roof repairs during this Christmas season, Cenvar Roofing would love to assist you. Our team has years of experience solving roofing problems of all kinds. Schedule your free estimate today, and we will be in touch shortly.