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Environmental Threats To Your Roof

As a homeowner, it is important to protect your investment from environmental threats, and that includes your roof. Roofs in Virginia are subject to a variety of natural weather elements that can become intense, including rain, wind, hail, and snow. Here are some of the most dangerous environmental threats to your roof and what you can do about them. 


Virginia roofs are subject to dozens of inches of rain every year, and if they are not in top condition, they can quickly become a source of water intrusions that will lead to further damage. The best way to prevent water damage from rain is to make sure your roofing materials are in good condition and functioning properly. 


High winds can cause extensive damage to roofs. The corners, edges and ridge line of the roof are particularly vulnerable to wind damage. When the wind blows across the roof, it can “catch” on a corner or a small piece of shingle and cause it to lift or curl, or even rip it off completely. Lifted, curled, or ripped shingles leave your roof more exposed to the elements, and leave it susceptible to leaks and water damage that will increase in severity over time. 


Sun, and the resulting hot temperatures that often occur during Virginia summers  pose a threat to roofs when there is inadequate ventilation in the attic and roof of the home. Ventilation creates an airflow throughout the roofing system, and helps to remove heat and moisture from the attic. When there is a lack of proper ventilation, the roof becomes susceptible to superheating.  This happens when excessive heat and moisture become trapped in the roofing system and cause the roof to overheat. 

The extreme temperatures can cause pockets of moisture trapped within the asphalt shingles to expand and blister. As these blisters bubble up, they cause the granules on the outer layer of the shingle to pop off, exposing the underlying material to UV rays and direct sunlight. Over time, these blisters will continue to expand, and begin to impact the effectiveness of the shingles, leading to a shortened lifespan of the roof, as well as leaks and weather damage. 

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Hannah Brown
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