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How To Know When Your Porch Needs a New Roof

Many homeowners are aware that their roof needs regular maintenance in order to stay in tip-top shape, but that goes for the roof of their porch too. While many people stay on top of the roof of their home, or are alerted to damage because of leaky spots in their ceilings, it can be easy to forget about the porch. Here are 3 ways to know when it’s time for a new roof for your porch: 

Bulges, Stains and Dips 

If you can see bulges, stains, dips or other areas of non-uniformity in the roofing material of your porch roof, that is most likely a sign of water damage, and a sign that you need a new roof. Water damage can cause roofing material to erode, and can cause the roof to appear uneven, or stained. This can lead to leaks, mold and other forms of water damage which can be costly to repair, the worse they get. 

Damaged or Cracked Shingles

Another tell-tale sign that your porch roof needs some attention is the presence of cracked shingles, or shingles that are missing altogether. Missing, cracked or damaged shingles allow water to seep through your roof and can cause damage to the structure underneath, making it important to get it assessed and taken care of quickly. 

Shingle Debris In Gutters 

Even if no shingle damage is visible, another sign that work may be needed is the presence of excess shingle debris in the gutter. Excess shingle debris indicates that something is not right with your porch roof, and that it would benefit from a professional inspection. 

So What Do You Do? 

No matter what the problem is, Cenvar Roofing has the answer! Call us today to schedule your free estimate and let us assess your porch and let you know what your next steps should be. Our convenient location off of Timberlake Road in Lynchburg, VA allows us to serve the entire community effectively. What are you waiting for? Schedule your free estimate today!