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Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofs are desirable for multiple reasons. They are extremely durable, and are able to withstand almost anything that mother nature throws at them. The slippery surface allows rain and snow to slide right off the roof, eliminating the need for homeowners to worry about buildup on their roof. They are also a long-lasting option, with an average lifespan of a well-maintained metal roof being close to 70 years. Many homeowners are also attracted to metal roofs because they are 100% non-combustible over the course of their entire lifespan. If you are considering a metal roof, give us a call here at Cenvar Roofing today, and let our qualified team walk you through your options! 

Step 1: Schedule a free estimate with your local Cenvar Roofing branch

Step 2: Pick the color of your new metal roof

Step 3: Sign your contract and schedule a date 

Step 4: Our crew replaces your roof 

Step 5: Complete a walkthrough with the project manager and confirm your satisfaction

Step 6: Enjoy your new roof!