Top 3 Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options In Lynchburg

Many people are becoming more and more passionate about making decisions that will benefit our environment. From small day-to-day decisions, all the way up to the biggest life decisions, environmental consciousness is becoming more of a fact – and roofing is no exception! The good news for environmentally conscious homeowners is that there are a variety of roofing options that are eco-friendly, and will benefit your house. Here are three of them: 

Metal Roofs 

Metal is an excellent environmentally friendly roofing material choice for the eco-conscious homeowner. Metal roofs can be produced from recycled materials, and after its lifespan, can be recycled again. Metal roofs can also last up to 70 years without needing to be replaced, which also reduces impact to the environment, and makes metal an environmentally friendly roofing material in a variety of ways. 

Wood Shingles 

Wood shingles are another great example of an environmentally friendly roofing material choice. Wood shingles are durable, and boast of a lifespan of 15-20 years. Many shingles are able to be made from reclaimed wood, and all shingles are recyclable after they are removed from the roof. Their low environmental footprint makes them an excellent option for the eco-conscious homeowner. 

Solar Panels 

Maybe you’re not in need of a new roof right now, or the previous materials won’t work for you. Another roofing decision that is environmentally friendly is the installation of solar panels. Solar panels can be installed on most roofs, and depending on the amount of direct sunlight your home receives, can generate enough electricity to power your home. 

Find The Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials That Are Right For You

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