How To Clean Moss Off Of Your Moseley, VA Roof

Moss on a roof is a serious problem, because it can result in serious shingle damage very quickly. Moss is an invasive, quickly compounding problem for roofs that has the potential to cause extensive damage very quickly, and it is important that homeowners are educated and aware of the steps they should take in the event that it takes root on their roof.  Here are the steps homeowners should take if moss does present on their roof: 

How To Remove Moss From Your Roof

It is important to understand that once moss is growing on your roof,  it’s not going anywhere without intervention, and that quick action could be the difference between some elbow grease with a few minor roof repairs, and a complete roof replacement. 

The Process 

What you could need

There are effective ways to remove moss from a roof, at least in the early stages of its growth. Each roof and infestation is different, so one option may work better than the others in any given situation. The least invasive way is to remove it with a garden hose and a scrub brush: 

Step 1: Carefully lean a ladder against the roof, near the area where the moss is growing and put on gloves and safety goggles. 

Step 2: Spray the entire area with water, taking care to spray at a downward angle so as not to damage the shingles. 

Step 3: After spraying the area, use the scrub brush to remove moss from the roof. It is important to scrub from the top down to avoid damaging or lifting the shingles. Make sure to rub gently, and not to force any pressure. Working in small sections at a time, continue scrubbing until the moss has been removed. 

Step 4: If the moss is stubborn, and its removal requires more than water, apply a diluted bleach solution, or a moss control powder, usually available at hardware stores as well as many online retailers, to the area. Make sure to do this on a cloudy day, as you will have the best results if you give the solution time to soak into the roof before it evaporates. 

Step 5: After allowing the solution to soak into the roof, follow the instructions as to the clean-up process. Some cleaners should be rinsed off, while others should be left to soak in longer. 

Step 6: Clean up your supplies. 

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