Why Your Chesterfield Roof Won’t Last Forever

When you buy a home, the last thing on your mind is repairs or roof replacements. Many homeowners take a well-functioning roof for granted, and are surprised when they find out that it  needs to be replaced. Here are the top 3 reasons a roof may need to be replaced. If you’re a homeowner, this will help you understand what to watch for in your roof, and be prepared for the inevitable need for replacement. 


One of the most common causes of roof replacements is simply the age of the roof. Roofs don’t last forever, so depending on when the roof was installed, and the quality of the installation job, homeowners could be facing a roof replacement anywhere from 25-50 years after the roof was installed. 

Storm Damage 

Storm damage is another leading cause of roof replacements. Storms can cause extreme winds that blow off roofing material, or otherwise damage the roof. They can also cause tree branches to blow off and land on top of a roof, or even trees to fall over, damaging roofs on the way down. In any case, it is a good idea to check your roof after a heavy storm passes through Chesterfield, to make sure any damage is caught and reversed before it becomes more extensive. 


Moss is another leaving cause of roof replacements. When moss takes root on your roof, it spreads rapidly. Moss takes root underneath shingles, and quickly causes shingles to lift. If moss is left untreated, it can quickly spread throughout the entire roofing system and cause the roof to lift beyond repair. 

If any of these symptoms are present on your roof and you think you need a roof replacement, Cenvar Roofing is happy to serve you! Our convenient location off of Research Road in Midlothian, VA allows us to serve the Chesterfield community with high quality service at competitive prices. Schedule your free estimate today! 

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown is the Content Manager at Cenvar Roofing, and the main author of our company blog. Her primary focus is to create and produce content for all mediums that explains the complexities of the roofing industry in simple, straightforward language. Hannah has degrees in Strategic Communication and English from Liberty University, and her work has been featured in multiple print and online publications.