Replacing The Roof On Your NRV Cabin

Roof replacements are a big deal for homeowners, and while they are necessary, they can also be a hassle. Even more so if you have a home that is unique, such as a cabin. Here at Cenvar Roofing we specialize in roof replacements of all types – including cabins. Here are some signs that you may need to replace the roof on your cabin. 


One of the most tell-tale signs that a roof replacement is necessary is the presence of leaks and other water damage in your attic and home. When a roof springs leaks, they need to be repaired right away, and many times, a simple repair is all it takes. However, in many cases, the leak is a symptom of a larger problem and the entire roof will need to be replaced. 

Visible Damage 

Visible damage is another sign that the roof may need to be replaced. Streaks or cracks in shingles that can be seen from the ground, as well as missing shingles or extensive moss growth all may signal that a roof replacement is necessary. The best step forward is to schedule a professional inspection with a roofing contractor to find out the extent of the damage and make a plan to move forward. 

The Roof On The Cabin Is Old

Finally, the age of the roof can be an indicator of whether or not the roof needs to be replaced. Even the most well-maintained roofs will wear out eventually, and when the time comes, a replacement is necessary. 

If you need a professional roofing company to assess your roof and help you understand your best steps forward, look no further than Cenvar Roofing! We are a professional roofing company located in Christiansburg that serves the entire New River Valley area with ease. Visit our website to schedule your free estimate today!

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown is the Content Manager at Cenvar Roofing, and the main author of our company blog. Her primary focus is to create and produce content for all mediums that explains the complexities of the roofing industry in simple, straightforward language. Hannah has degrees in Strategic Communication and English from Liberty University, and her work has been featured in multiple print and online publications.