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What To Do If A Tree Branch Falls On Your New River Valley Roof

No one ever looks forward to a time when a falling tree branch causes significant damage to their roof or home, but in the unfortunate event that it does happen, knowledge is power. Spending a few minutes learning what steps to take in the face of a disaster can be the difference between safely handling the situation, and causing further damage. Here are the 4 steps to take immediately after a tree branch falls onto your New River Valley Roof. 

1. Get Out and Stay Out

Structural damage can easily occur in a situation like this, so it is urgent that everyone exit the structure and stay out until an inspection happens and the extent of the damage is assessed. 

2. Take Pictures 

Many disasters are covered or partially covered by insurance, and extensive documentation as soon as possible after the event takes place will be helpful as your insurance company determines the extent of damage and the amount of your settlement. 

3. Call A Professional 

Call a professional to perform an inspection and determine the extent of the damage to the roof, and the structural integrity of the home. Structural damage is often difficult to assess, especially to an untrained eye, so getting a professional opinion as soon as possible is important. 

4. Schedule Repairs As Soon As Possible

A damaged roof cannot adequately protect a home from water intrusion and other damage, so it is important to repair it as soon as possible. This will allow your home to be protected, and your family to get back to normal. 

If you find yourself in the situation of needing a professional roofing company to inspect and repair your roof after tree branch damage, look no further than Cenvar Roofing! We are a professional roofing company with experience in repairs of all kinds. Our convenient location in Christiansburg allows us to serve the entire New River Valley area effectively. Schedule your free estimate today and let us help you get your roof back into shape.