What We’re Doing About Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, and industries across the country – including the roofing industry – have been forced to adapt to the ever-changing situation. Here at Cenvar Roofing we take customer and staff safety very seriously, and as soon as the pandemic hit, we adjusted our procedures to keep everyone involved as safe as possible. Here are the precautions we are taking: 

Adjustments To The Estimate Process During Covid-19

Our traditional estimate process takes place face to face around the homeowner’s kitchen table. However, during this season of Covid-19, these conversations now take place via a video call or outdoors, 6 feet apart. When a potential customer schedules an appointment, they will be asked to choose whichever conversation option they prefer and our sales representative will act accordingly. 

Regardless of which option the homeowner prefers, our qualified sales representative will physically come to your house to inspect and measure the roof. From there, we will conduct the appointment according to the homeowners choice. 

The Project Process 

When a homeowner decides to go with Cenvar Roofing they are placed on the schedule. When the day of the roof replacement comes, the assigned project manager will be the primary point of contact for the homeowner throughout the course of the project. The project manager will maintain consistent communication regarding project progress and updates, as well as any issues that arise that need the homeowners attention.

 If there is face to face communication, our project manager will maintain proper social distance, to ensure safety is present throughout the entire project. 

With these precautions in place, our team is confident in our ability to complete each new roof while keeping everyone safe in the process. Our convenient Christiansburg office location allows us to serve the entire area with high quality services. If you are ready to take the next step, visit our website to find our location nearest you and schedule an appointment. 

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown is the Content Manager at Cenvar Roofing, and the main author of our company blog. Her primary focus is to create and produce content for all mediums that explains the complexities of the roofing industry in simple, straightforward language. Hannah has degrees in Strategic Communication and English from Liberty University, and her work has been featured in multiple print and online publications.