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Why Nail Guns Are Safe For Your Roof

Many roofing contractors use pneumatic nail guns. These nail guns allow them to fasten shingles quickly, efficiently, and securely. However, some companies still use traditional hand-nailing techniques to fasten shingles to the roof, and this can leave customers wondering “are nail guns safe?” The short answer is yes! Here is why. 


The biggest benefit is the precision they bring to a project. Instead of human error, and exhaustion, the nail guns allow contractors the ability to drive each nail at the precise spot and depth necessary to hold the shingle in place. This helps the installation process go smoothly and quickly, and leaves you with a stellar new roof. 


Another benefit is the uniformity they allow. When our crews use nail guns, each nail is driven exactly the same way, whereas using hammers brings inconsistencies caused by human error and exhaustion. 

This uniformity is a seemingly small detail that actually contributes heavily to the overall look of your new roof from the ground. The goal is for your roof to be as beautiful as possible, with no noticeable deviations or inconsistencies. The nail gun helps us achieve this result with every roof that we install. 

No Extra Labor Costs With Nail Guns

Nail guns save time and energy, which in turn, saves you money. They are not a shortcut, but they do allow contractors to maximize their effort and energy by using available tools. The quicker the installation process is, the less you have to pay in labor costs. 

While some companies state that nail guns are simply a shortcut taken by roofing contractors who want to cut corners to complete their jobs too quickly, in reality, the quality of the roofing work has more to do with the roofer who does it, than the method they choose to utilize. 

Cenvar Roofing 

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