Questions You Should Ask About The Roof When Buying A Richmond Home

Buying a house can be a challenging process, especially for first time buyers. There are lots of questions that need to be asked in order to make a good decision and offer. Sometimes, buyers forget about the roof in their initial assessment, and in the questions they ask. Here are 5 questions you should ask about the roof during the buying process. 

How Old Is It? 

Roofs don’t last forever, and it’s important that homeowners understand that. The average shingle roof can last anywhere from 2-50 years, depending on the installation, materials, and maintenance. The age of the roof is an important piece of information potential homebuyers should find out early in the buying process. 

Are There Any Signs Of Shingle Damage?

Asking about and checking for signs of shingle damage is important because damaged shingles most likely indicate water damage or other structural issues with the roof. Making sure you know exactly what issues are present on the roof will help you estimate potential repair costs and have a realistic expectation of maintenance requirements. 

Is There Any Damaged or Missing Flashing?

The integrity of the flashing is another important piece of information. The flashing helps seal the junction where the chimney meets the roof and keep it free of leaks and water damage. If there is flashing damage, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible to minimize water damage to the roofing system. 

Have You Noticed Any Evidence Of Water Damage?

Similar to shingle and flashing damage, asking about evidence of water damage is also important. Over time, water damage can wreak havoc on a roofing system and eventually, cause enough damage to warrant a total roof replacement. 

When Was The Last Time An Inspection Was Done?

A professional inspection can reveal small issues within the roof that can be repaired before the damage becomes extensive. Knowing the last time the an inspection was done helps you decide if it needs to be inspected before you close. 

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Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown is the Content Manager at Cenvar Roofing, and the main author of our company blog. Her primary focus is to create and produce content for all mediums that explains the complexities of the roofing industry in simple, straightforward language. Hannah has degrees in Strategic Communication and English from Liberty University, and her work has been featured in multiple print and online publications.