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4 Common DIY Roofing Mistakes

While a roof problem may appear to be a straightforward fix, that is not usually the case. If they are not extremely careful and knowledgeable during the repair process, homeowners, in their eagerness to solve a problem quickly or cheaply, can unintentionally cause more damage than good to their roof. Here are some of the most common DIY roofing mistakes and how to avoid them: 

Taking Off Roofing Materials To Check For Problems 

This roofing mistake is one of the biggest a homeowner can make.  Unless you are extremely skilled and knowledgeable, by pulling roofing materials off of the roof and exposing the underlayment of the roof, you are running the risk of not being able to replace the materials correctly and creating an even larger leak and more water damage. 

Fixing Leaks With A DIY Project 

This roofing mistake happens when, instead of calling a professional, homeowners try to fix a leak themselves by stuffing or patching it. The problem with attempts like this is that many times the origin of the leak is somewhere else in the roof, and has traveled from somewhere higher within the structure. Simply patching a leak according to where it presents itself inside the structure, won’t take care of the source of the leak, or any water damage it has caused. 

Treating The Roof Like It’s Bulletproof

This roofing mistake happens when homeowners try to take care of their roof without realizing that it is susceptible to damage at various points. Thinks like pressure washing your roof, or climbing on top of it to watch fireworks can seem like a good idea, but they can also remove protective granules, or place pressure on unsupported areas of the roof, causing long-term damage to your roof. It is best to be careful, and to treat your roof with caution.

Failing To Trim Branches 

Life is busy for all of us, but it’s still important to squeeze routine maintenance items into your schedule. Trimming branches is one such item, because if a storm comes through, low-hanging branches near your roof have the potential to fall onto your roof causing damage, and accumulation of debris. 

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