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Top 3 Maintenance Tips For End Of Summer Roof Inspections

New black shingled roof on a brick home in Charlottesville, Va 22974

The end of summer is almost here, and for homeowners, the change in seasons is the perfect time for an annual roof inspection. The coming fall and winter weather can exacerbate any existing roofing issues and cause further damage than already exists. The good news is that homeowners can take action now to avoid more

Roof Damage To Look For After A Summer Storm

Red roof with a chimney in Lynchburg, Va 24503

July has been a hot month in central Virginia, and with it have come many afternoon thunderstorms. Whether we enjoy thunderstorms or not, most of us just stay out of the pool, go inside, and don’t give the weather another thought. However, a summer storm is a common cause of roof damage, and if a