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Drones and Artificial Intelligence Changing The Roofing Industry – Here’s Why

A red shingle roof replacement on a white house in Lynchburg, VA 24502

The roofing industry is not typically known for being at the forefront of advanced technological innovation, so the use of drones or artificial intelligence isn’t typically associated with roofing contractors. However, like every other industry, the roofing industry is beginning to shift, and as technology advances, companies who don’t stay on top of trends and

How New Climate Policies May Affect Roofing

New grey shingles on a town home complex in Lynchburg, VA 24503

The rolling out of Joe Biden’s proposed Climate Plan last week has sparked conversations in many different sectors of the economy. The 2020 presidential election has not happened yet, and this plan is not guaranteed to pass in the House or Senate if Joe Biden does win the presidency. However, regardless of the passability of