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Serving Abingdon, VA and surrounding areas with our Roof Replacement services. Customer satisfaction is the end goal with each new roof we install. Call today for your free estimate!

There weren’t many choices when looking for Abingdon Roofing Contractors. But now, Cenvar Roofing serves the Abingdon, VA area with our excellent reputation as reliable roofing contractors. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

You don’t pay for your new roof until you’re satisfied. That’s how much we mean that we are focused on customer satisfaction. You sign the contract, you pick your color, and we get to work roofing and leave you satisfied. Then you pay. No deposit. No tricks. We do the work, and then you pay.

Check our reviews to see what others like you say about their experience using us as their roofing company!

Abingdon roofing contractors providing quality workmanship

As Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractors by Owen’s Corning, we have a high workmanship standard for the roofs we install. We are professional roofers and have achieved the level of success as a company because we do things the right way and care for our customers. 

You’ll not often have to experience replacing the roof on your home multiple times. But if you have the chance, we aim for you to use us again. Creating such a great experience, you’ll want to use Cenvar Roofing as your go-to Abingdon roofing company.

At Cenvar, we’re so focused on providing quality roofing that we created our quality control department that inspects the roofs we install in Abingdon and all our service locations. We believe our company exists to help people grow professionally, which means constantly striving for perfection and growing in our craft. 

Core values

Two of the company’s core values are efficiency and growth

Efficiency is “doing high-quality work without wasting time or materials. This means that many of the roofs we replace can have a roof replacement in a day. Allowing for less cost for the customer because of less labor on your roof.

Growth is “being committed to continuous personal and professional development.” We look for the Cenvar team to have ambition and to own their work which should give some peace of mind that we stand behind our work and will give you a quality roof. 

You shouldn’t look further for a roofing company in the Washington County area. Get an estimate and see why people love using Cenvar Roofing. 

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