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Roof Inspection

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Your home’s roof is its first line of defense against storms and extreme weather, be it a foot or more of snow dropping from the sky overnight or high winds that tear through the town (Check out 5 Signs of Wind Damage On Your Roof.). When homeowners place blind faith in their roof and neglect it completely until the first sign of a leak appears in the ceiling, they could already be facing much more significant problems—unwanted structural issues, mold growth, or damaged insulation, for starters. Spare yourself a headache down the road by having a roof inspection periodically.

Without climbing on the roof, most homeowners can spot obvious roof problems, such as missing or flapping shingles. Other types of damage, however, are not as visible to the untrained eye, which is why it’s important to get a professional opinion. If your roof is relatively new (less than five years old), shows no signs of interior leaks, and hasn’t been exposed to major weather events since the last time it was inspected, you can probably get by with a visual inspection from the ground and a quick check for leaks in your attic. Another option would be to ask for a Roof Tune-Up! You can also request a free oral report of the condition of your roof if you’re a single-family homeowner. In any other case, however, a comprehensive inspection should be completed by a roofing professional who knows what to look for.

How much does a Roof Inspection cost?

$250 for a written report.

Free oral reports for single-family homeowners! All others (realtors, apartment complexes, commercial) can only receive a written roof inspection report.

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