Roof Tune Ups

Trouble-Free Roof Performance

What is a Roof Tune Up?

Modern roofs last for decades but, unfortunately, are not entirely maintenance-free. What is roof maintenance? Proper roof maintenance in Virginia is essential not only because of our unique weather but also because roof maintenance is a good idea no matter where you live. A Roof Tune-Up is exactly what it sounds like; just like you tune up your car periodically to make sure that it’s running in the best condition possible, tuning up your roof means making sure that it’s performing as a good roof should. And our highly trained roof maintenance service technicians know exactly what to look for during a Roof Tune-Up. Checking these items every 3-5 years helps to ensure trouble-free performance for the roof’s life.

  • Caulking around counter flashing
  • Nail pops
  • Pipe boots
  • Power fan

Quality Roof Maintenance in Virginia

We provide a roof maintenance service of a Roof Tune-Up to help with these items! When having a Roof Tune-Up service from Cenvar Roofing, you’ll have a visual inspection of your roof by a repair manager who will also do the following:

  • Check for and clear the roof of all debris
  • Check the caulking on counter flashing and exposed nails and peel, then re-caulk if/where needed
  • Check for nail pops, pull and reset
  • Check all the pipe boots, repair or replace as needed (A standard pipe boot. Lifetime boot sold as an upgrade).
  • If your roof has a power fan, the repair manager will get in the attic (if possible) and push the test button to make sure it is working correctly and check to see if the thermostat is set at the right temperature.

We will also tell you when the Roof Tune-Up won’t help fix a problem that we find. A repair manager will tell you if more extensive repairs will be needed for your roof or even if a new roof would be recommended.

Just think about your car’s tune up again: when we do a Roof Tune-Up we check all of the things we’ve mentioned above, but we’re also going to alert you to both problems that are going on right now (whether you’ve noticed them yet or not) as well as keep you informed about problems that could be coming down the road. During this roof maintenance service we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect from your roof in the next two, five, even ten years. We’re experts at diagnosing roof problems and coming up with fixes. Remember: a roof replacement can be costly. It’s always better to do routine maintenance to solve roof problems before they get completely out of hand.

How much does a Roof Tune-Up service cost?

Our roof maintenance in Virginia is priced depending on the size of your home–a Roof Tune-Up of a smaller home is going to be less expensive than the Roof Tune-Up of a bigger home. But when you consider the costs listed below, think about this: the cost of a roof replacement can be well over $10 or $15,000. Jumping on top of roof repairs that we’ve found during Roof Tune-Ups now will save money and hassle down the road.

$295 for homes 2500 finished square feet and less.

$395 for homes 2501 finished square feet and more.

Call (434) 231-2113 for your roof tune-up!