Hail Damage and Your Roof in Richmond, VA

Published December 13th, 2021 in Blog
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How to Spot Hail Damage on a Roof in Richmond, VA

Picture of hail on a roof in different shapes and sizes

Hail comes in various shapes and sizes and this influences the amount of damage caused to your roof. As it can be challenging to see all aspects of your roof from the ground, you first might notice other signs of hail damage around your yard and neighborhood. The amount of damage will depend on the severity of the storm and the width of the hail. If you are questioning if your roof has been damaged in a hail storm, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:



Hail Damage on an old roof

-Hail can take up some of the granules on your shingles which can leave your roofing felt exposed

-Hail can leave black indentations in your shingles with no discernable pattern

-Hail can leave behind circular dents or cracks on your roof

What size of hail does it take to damage a roof?

Picture to show the size of some hail

Hail needs to be around 1 inch or more in diameter to cause damage to your asphalt roof. If the hail is under an inch, which is about the size of a quarter, there will be less damage to your roof but your shingles may still need some repairs. Check out our Cenvar roof repair page if you want more information on common roof repairs. The amount of damage a storm can have to your roof will also depend on the quality and age of your shingles. Older shingles can not withstand storms or wind, as well as a newer roof. 



Dents in gutter from hail damage

Hail can also cause damage to your siding and aluminum gutters. To learn more about gutters or if you would like a quote go check out our Cenvar Gutter Installation Services. When it comes to metal roofs, they are a lot more resistant to harsh weather. It is uncommon for hail to be large enough to compromise a metal roof. If you have any concerns, call and get a roof inspection. When it comes to your roof, it is better to be proactive. When winter approaches, call Cenvar’s Richmond office for a FREE estimate so that you will have better protection over your house with any storm that may come your way.

How do adjusters determine hail damage?

What are you supposed to do when it comes to hail damage to your roof? First, if you find any hail damage to your roof in Richmond you will need to file an insurance claim and may want to have a roofing contractor come out. If you are looking for a roofing contractor, Owens Corning recommends finding platinum preferred contractors and they also have more information on roof damage. A professional roofing contractor will help you learn more about this process, and they will survey the amount of damage done. The adjuster and contractor will take into consideration the size of the hail while checking for wind and hail damage. Make sure you tell them if you have noticed any leaking or stains on the ceiling or in the attic. They will also check the shingles for bucking or peeling and check the roof for leaks, rot, or damaged flashing.

How do you know your roof is damaged?

After a storm, you may have lost shingles or found debris on your roof depending on the severity of the wind. You may have obvious damage from falling objects, but also keep an eye out for anything up there that may gradually cause damage. Some signs to look for are cracked, curling, or broken shingles. You will also want to look along the edge of your roof and near any openings for missing shingles that can let water into the house. If your roof in Richmond has been affected by a hail storm, it can lead to indentations or cracks on your roof.  You will want to examine your walls, ceiling, and attic for any water stains which could be an indicator that you have holes or damage to your shingles. If you notice any roof damage and also see water damage, you will want to get a contractor to check it as soon as possible to prevent future damage. 

You will also want to check your gutters regularly because clogged or leaking gutters can cause damage to your roof and foundation. You will want to clean your gutters consistently so that water does not build up. Another way to keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris is to have gutter guards installed. If you would like to know more information on gutters and gutter guards or are unsure of the amount of damage on your roof, Cenvar’s Richmond office can come out and do a roof inspection. Cenvar will get your roof back in shape and give you all the information you need to get your roof repaired or replaced.

Should I replace my roof after hail damage?

Once you have noticed any damage to your roof, you will have to decide if you want to get it repaired or replaced. If a severe storm hits Richmond, you may have to get your whole roof repaired. A hail storm can also just affect a small number of shingles, and sometimes those can get repaired without having to get a whole replacement. Cenvar’s page “Most Common Roofing FQAs – Answered” can help answer more of your questions regarding repairs vs. replacement. Leaks also do not always require getting a whole new roof. You will need to call and get an inspection so a contractor can come to survey the roof and check the damage. At Cenvar we want to make the whole process simple and easy! We will keep you informed and updated by answering all of your questions and any concerns you have.