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Professional Asphalt Shingle Roofing Replacement

Shingles are the most common roofing materials in North America, due to their long lifespan and low price point. Shingles are extremely durable and can withstand most inclement weather conditions common to eastern states. When properly installed and well maintained, shingles have a lifespan up to 50 years, which makes them an excellent choice for any roof!

If you’re looking to get your old shingle roof replaced, Cenvar Roofing is your top choice! The core of our business is residential roof replacements and asphalt shingles are the top choice for many homeowners.

There is a high likelihood if your roof is around 20-years old that your roof will need to be replaced soon. Cenvar Roofing provides free shingle roof estimates and we pride ourselves on providing quality, price, and service that potential customers are looking for!


Owens Corning LogoOur Reliable Partner

We are an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. This means we are in the top tier of a premier network of roofing contractors who are dedicated to service, reliability, and professional workmanship. We meet Owens Corning’s highest standard of excellence and are proud to be able to offer unique warranty options because of this status.

Owens Corning shingles are available in a wide variety of unique colors and blends. You can find more information about these options on their website.

If you have more questions about shingle roof replacements, our blog probably has the answers! When you’re ready to take the first step in the roof replacement process, schedule your free estimate appointment and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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“Owens Corning® is honored to have earned the 2021 Women’s Choice Award® as America’s Most Recommended™ Roofing Products. This award is given by women for women. It is based on a national survey that measures brand preference by female consumers.”

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Why are shingle roofs so popular?

Upfront, they’re the most cost-effective roofing option.

You’ll receive a durable roof at a lower cost than other roofing options. Other roofing options will run a higher cost-per-square and aren’t as easy to install. Shingles are the most common roofing material in North America. This is largely due to their long lifespan and low price point. Asphalt shingles are extremely durable and can withstand the most common inclement weather conditions.

When shingle roofs are installed properly and are well maintained, they have a lifespan of up to 50 years. This makes the most affordable option in dollars per year of lifespan, and an excellent choice for most homeowners.

Shingles are available in a wide variety of colors, which also makes finding the perfect shade to match your house a simple task. As an added bonus, the Owen’s Corning shingles we install come with a 50-year manufacturing warranty that covers any manufacturing defects that would shorten their lifespan.

How do I know my roof needs to be replaced?

In some cases, there are telltale signs that indicate a roof repair or replacement is needed. Some of the most common signs are leaks, visible water damage, missing or damaged shingles, missing granules, and hail damage.

However, there are many roofing problems that aren’t visible from the ground, and hidden issues can become quite large before the signs are visible. If you suspect damage to your roof, the best thing to do is schedule a free estimate. One of our qualified team members will come measure and inspect your roof, diagnose any damage, and present you with a solution.

How long will a shingle roof replacement take?

The length of time needed to replace a shingle roof varies. Our goal is to finish each roof replacement the same day we start it. However, depending on the size and shape of your roof, it may take longer. We will give you a projected length of the project during the free estimate appointment.

Can I reuse my old shingles?

While we are able to install a second layer of shingles over an existing roof (called a shingle-over), this is not an ideal solution. When we do a full roof replacement, we remove the old roof down to the decking and replace any water-damaged boards. We also re-install flashing and vents, ensuring that they are sealed and able to protect your roof from water damage.

We aren’t able to complete these tasks during a shingle-over. However, if you are interested in considering a shingle-over, the team member who completes your roofing estimate can determine if this is a viable option for you.

Consumer Report on asphalt shingle roofs

“Asphalt shingles remain far and away the most popular choice because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. In CR’s roofing tests, we found that some shingles performed better overall than others that cost more. And some provide a beautifully layered look or come in huge arrays of colors. On-trend colors right now include light and soft greens and blues, beige and off-white, and taupe and light brown hues.”

Can I replace my own shingle roof?

With the wealth of information online these days, there are a number of DIY roofing guides. Would we suggest replacing your own roof? No. We are a professional roofing company that looks to save you the hassle of any potential problems. Working with a roofing company to replace your own shingle roof allows for great cost savings.

We have the professional expertise which allows us to determine the best roofing methods for your roof. Roofing can become particularly tricky when it comes to flashing. These include pipe boots, vents, skylights, and other penetrations.

We are able to buy the needed roofing materials in bulk which allows for some discounts to pass along to customers. Our roofing crews replace roofs for their livelihood and have become incredibly efficient in the roof installation process. A roof replacement yourself might take you two or more days and we’re generally able to replace your shingle roof in under a day!

A roofing blog post highlighting asphalt shingles

There are many roofing materials to choose from, all varying in cost. We wanted to break down the differences between materials showing the pros and cons of each roofing material. Here are a few of the pros and cons of the blog post.

“Asphalt roofs are the best-priced roofing material and are also of good quality, which is why they are the most popular. Even though their lifespan is shorter than the other types of materials, they are very cost-effective. They are also the most accessible material to install, saving money on labor costs. Asphalt shingles should last around 20 years, but if installed correctly and very well maintained, they can last over 30 years!”

-Asphalt shingles are very popular because they are a lower price but for good quality material with a good lifespan. Around 75% of American houses use asphalt shingles. Cenvar Roofing in Roanoke, VA, uses Owens Corning shingles which are very reliable. Asphalt shingles are easy to install, which helps with their low price point. They also come in a wide variety of colors. Choosing a color can help you give your house another personal touch. However, shingles need to be checked regularly to catch problems early on and maintained to prevent mildew from growing.” – Types of Roofing Materials in Roanoke, VA

Cenvar Roofing – Your shingle roof replacement company!

We specialize in residential re-roofing. We’ve served thousands of residential homes since we’ve been in business and we continue to focus on re-roofing homes. Our team focuses on quality roof replacement and making the most efficient roof for your home. It’s easy to choose a roofing company that will do the bare minimum for your home and you might never notice the difference on top of the roof but you will when problems begin to rise.

We follow Owen’s Corning roof installation guide and have a quality assurance team to help ensure each of our shingle roofs is installed correctly. We know you’d rather never deal with a roofing company again so we’re looking to make your shingle roof replacement process the easiest while you work with us.

Steps For Shingle Roofing Replacement

  • The crew arrives at the scheduled time and prepares your home for the roof tear-off and installation
  • The existing shingles, underlayment, and nails are removed
  • Drip edge is installed at the eaves
  • The ice and water shield is installed at the eaves 
  • The underlayment is installed 
  • Drip edge is installed on the rakes
  • The shingles are installed, starting at the eaves and working up towards the ridge
  • As the roofers progress up the roof, additional ice and water shield, flashings and vents are installed and woven into the roof
  • The ridge cap is installed at the top of the roof 
  • The crew cleans up the jobsite and you are left to enjoy your new roof

Worried about how much a shingle roof would cost?

We’ve worked hard to provide two options for homeowners that aren’t as predatory for financing for your new roof. While shingle roofs might fall on the lower side on the expense scale for roof replacement, the price can still be outside of a homeowner’s budget. During your free roofing estimate, our estimator will be able to give you a breakout of the costs associated with a new roof.

We’ve partnered with Truist and Enhancify to offer payment options for paying for your new shingle roof. We wanted to provide options that would save our homeowners money than choosing financing companies that charge higher interest rates. Check out our financing page to learn more about each of these options.

Protecting your home is extremely important so it might be time to bite the bullet and get a new roof. At Cenvar Roofing we want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your new purchase and we will be around to service any roofing-related needs for the life of the roof that we install. Choosing the right roofing company is easy with Cenvar Roofing and we will provide you with the best shingle replacement experience through our quality, price, and service.

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