Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Cenvar Roofing

Chris Good!

Cenvar Roofing is a residential roofing company founded and owned by Chris Good in 2012.

Can Roof Color and Materials Affect the Temperature of My Home?

We all learned in elementary school that dark colors absorb light and white reflects light. So does it hold true that lighter roofs will reflect the sun, and therefore keep the interior cooler? And what about different materials?


Yes, a lighter roof means a cooler home. If you’re trying to minimize the sun’s heat on your home, then get the lightest color of shingles possible. If you have a tile roof, use light-colored tile. And if you have a metal roof, use a light-colored metal roof.


As for materials, metal is best at keeping the house cool. Shingles can still be good, but metal reflects more than the light-absorbing shingles.

Why Does My Roof Leak?

Roof leaks are caused by a number of factors, but the most common are:


  • Foot Traffic: Obviously, you’ve got to get up on your roof to do routine maintenance, including removing fallen sticks and branches, or decluttering large piles of leaves that could cause water dams, but too much foot traffic on the roof is going to inevitably cause the shingles to begin to wear away. Be especially careful about a dropped tool that may puncture the shingles or underlayment.
  • Seams: The tar paper or membrane that is rolled out on top of the sheathing and underneath the shingles is one of the most common places for leaks to form. While they are placed one on top of the other, so the water always runs down, just like with shingles, there are seams where this membrane stops–generally a membrane won’t roll out seamlessly across your entire roof. If the right shingle gets loose above the right membrane seam, then there’s a leak.
  • Neglect: As we mentioned, you need to get up on the roof to do maintenance, and some of that maintenance is making sure that everything is sealed. Anything that sticks up through the shingles–a pipe, a vent, a skylight–will have sealant around it to keep it watertight. But after years go by that sealant may crack. Always keep an eye on it (or, better yet, have a roof inspector from Cenvar keep an eye on it).
  • Weather: Windstorms, which are common in this part of the country, and even hurricanes, can do serious damage to your roof. As soon as it’s safe to leave your home after a major storm, do a walkaround to make sure that everything is where it should be–that no shingles are missing, no tree limbs are down, and that no fascia is torn off.

How Do I Know If It’s Time To Replace My Roof?

The difference between a roof repair and roof replacement is a big one, and knowing when it’s time to replace your roof is important. Here are some warning signs to look out for.



Water Damage in the Attic


If you’re getting moisture stains–brown, yellow, or gray–or peeling paint in your attic or upstairs/ceilings, then that means that water is coming down through your roof and you’ve got a problem that will probably take a serious fix. Of course, if you can identify the problem as soon as it appears, then you can take care of it without doing a full roof replacement, but large-scale staining is an indicator the problem is widespread.

The Roof is Simply Old


Roofs don’t last forever. The average lifespan of a shingle roof is between 15 and 25 years, and the average lifespan of other types of roofs, like tile or metal, can be 30 to 50 years. At some point, it’s going to be time to replace the roof. When you purchase your home, try to find out when the roof was last replaced. If you don’t have that information, have a roofing contractor come take a look at it.

Sagging Roofs


If your roof is sagging you know you’ve got some big problems. A sagging roof–at best–means that the sheathing is damaged and rotting. Worse is if the roof trusses or beams need to be replaced. But don’t wait on a sagging roof just because you know it could be a costly expense. When a roof starts to sag, there’s a danger that the roof itself might collapse–especially if there’s a large-scale weather event. 

Moss, Mold or Fungus


If you can see moss, mold, or fungus growing–on the inside or outside of your roof–then its time to get that roof replaced. If it’s on the inside you know you’ve got leaks that are getting through (and mold in the house can be deadly when inhaled), but if it’s on the outside it means that the shingles and possibly the wood beneath them have been compromised. 

Missing Shingles


One or two missing shingles may be able to be repaired without a full roof replacement, but if there are many missing shingles, or if the shingles have been missing for a long time, then there’s a good chance that the weather has gotten down into the wood underneath. 

Cooling Bills Are Going Up


If you’re having trouble keeping your house cool in the summer, then there’s a very good chance that your roof is compromised. A good roof will keep cool air inside, but a bad roof will let the hot air in and the cool air out. If you’ve noticed your electric bill has been getting consistently higher, then it’s probably time to get your roof replaced.

Can I Finance My Roof?

There are several ways to finance a roof, if you can’t pay for it out of pocket. 



Contractor Financing


At Cenvar Roofing we have good relationships with several lenders and groups that can help you finance your roof repair or roof replacement



Truist is our most recommended partner in the seamless processing of roof financing. We have worked with Truist for decades and they have consistently provided our customers with fair and equitable rates and financing packages that get positive reviews. Click here to learn more about Truist. 




Enhancify is another company that bridges the gap between homeowners and lenders. Especially good if you need the financing quickly, have poor credit, have no equity in your home, or are just looking for a simple process, Enhacnify works with top lenders to get you good deals. 

Home Equity Loan


A home equity loan, also known as a second mortgage, uses your home’s equity–the part of the home that you own outright–as collateral on a loan that will be paid back in monthly installments, like a regular mortgage. Home equity loan terms can last between five and thirty years. 


Typically, lenders will only lend you 85% of your home’s value, minus your outstanding mortgage balance. Interest rates on home equity loans are usually fixed, so you’ll always pay the same amount. 


The downside to home equity loans for roof repairs and roof replacements is that home equity loans tend to take a little while to get approved, and if the problem with your roof is serious–maybe you have water leaking into your home–you don’t want to wait that long. 

Home Equity Line of Credit


A home equity line of credit also uses your home’s equity, but instead of giving you the total as a lump sum, it establishes a credit account that you can use much like a credit card. As with a home equity loan, a home equity line of credit is typically maxed out at 85% of the equity in your home minus the outstanding balance on your mortgage. 


The line of credit will typically last ten years, and you pay it down monthly. They often come with variable interest rates. 



A cash-out refinance means you’re taking out a new mortgage on your home, based on some or all of its current market value. You can use the money to pay off the existing mortgage and then use anything remaining as a lump-sum loan. 


However, with a refinance expect that there will be closing costs–something you won’t get with a home equity loan.

How Long Will a Roof Repair Take?

Almost all small roof fixes can be repaired in a day, assuming that the proper materials are in stock. For a scheduled roof replacement, the average residence with 3000 square feet of roof can be replaced in one or two days. On larger roofs, roofs with steep grades or curves, inaccessibility because of trees,and weather at the time of the repair,  the roof replacement can last anywhere from 3-5 days.

What is the Average Cost of a Roof Repair?

The average cost of a roof repair, according to, is $996, with most homeowners spending between $377 and $1663. Small and common roof repairs are usually done between $100 and $400. Labor costs typically run between $45 and $75 per hour. 


The most common roof repairs are cracked flashing, broken or missing shingles, cracked vent bootings, ice dams, skylight leaks, and clogged gutters. These repairs can be major or minor, depending on the severity of the problem and how long the problem has gone unaddressed. For example, the cost of replacing a shingle is very low, but that shingle has been missing and heavy rains have been falling, getting underneath the shingles below, then there could be serious damage to the other shingles, the underlayment, the sheathing, and more. Making sure that you get your roof repaired as soon as you notice that there is a problem is the best way to make sure that the roof repair will be inexpensive. 


The cost to fix roofs can also vary depending on the type of roof. While the price we cited above (the $996 number) is the average cost of all roof repairs, different types of roofs will cost different amounts. The average repair of a metal roof, for example, is $1600, and the average cost for a shingle roof is $875. Tile roofs average about $1000 and slate comes in at $1570.


Other common roof repairs are:


  • Garage Roof Repair: depending on the roof, a garage roof repair averages about $1500
  • Fascia and Soffit Repair: Repairing fascia and soffits comes in at about $2,300. (Fascia and soffits are the decorative edging and enclosed overhang at the edges of your roof.)
  • Roof Trusses: The cost to repair a roof truss can vary widely. You’ll know your roof truss is in need of work if you see a sag in the roof. Repairing roof trusses is usually between $1.50 to $4.50 per square foot. 
  • Rain Gutters: Patching holes or cracks in rain gutters is a very easy fix and can be done for just a few dollars, depending on the accessibility of the gutter. But gutters are inexpensive and the raw materials cost for 10 feet of gutter is just $4-$7

What is the Business for Roofing in Richmond, VA?

Cenvar Roofing is the best roofing contractor in the Richmond, VA area. We have been in business for nearly 25 years. We install our roofing materials to manufacturers specifications, ensuring that all manufacturers warranties are safely preserved. 


At Cenvar Roofing, we pride ourselves on our three pillars of doing business: we’re ethical, we’re experts, and we’re engaged. 




As ethical Richmond roofing contractors we make sure that everything we do is done with the customer in mind, treating the homeowner as if they were our own family. We are transparent in everything we do, with no hidden costs and everything laid out for you upfront. We strive to be honest and upright in all our dealings, so we can hold our heads high as the best Richmond, VA roofing contractors.




We do not ever rest on our accomplishments but are always striving to learn more and to excel in all things. We seek out new certifications to understand each manufacturer’s products to their limits. As such, we have earned the Owens Corning Service Excellence and Product Excellence awards in 2020, 2021, and 2022, and we plan to win many more. 




We never want you to be in the dark about anything that is going on in the service of your home. As a roofing company, we make it a priority to talk to our homeowners and tell them of the progress of their roof, discuss problems and challenges, talk through solutions, and make sure that everyone is happy with and aware of everything that is taking place in the roofing process.

What Causes a Roof to Fail Prematurely?

According to the National Roofing Contractor Association, 47% of all roofs fail prematurely due to poor workmanship. This is both the fault of homeowners attempting to replace their own roofs without having the proper training and tools, as well as non-certified roofing contractors who are able to install the roof properly. Often the problem is the roofer’s attempts to cut corners by not using enough sealant, not using enough fasteners, and not installing the correct flashings. 


Even roofs that are shingled with the best quality materials will fail if they are not installed correctly. This is all the more reason to make sure that you get a certified roofing contractor who has a proven track record in your area. Don’t be afraid to ask for references as any good roofing contractor ought to be more than willing to point you to happy customers. 


Other causes for roofs failing prematurely are a lack of maintenance. If you notice that shingles are missing, and especially if you notice any leaks coming through your attic or ceiling, you should contact your roofing contractor right away. A missing shingle in one spot is often a sign that other shingles on the roof are not properly secured. Other signs that shingles may be deteriorating is if you notice crumbling bits of the shingle grit accumulating in your rain gutters. 


Routine maintenance can do as much as double the lifespan of your roof. This will help you to avoid the cost of expensive roof repairs (for example, if a small leak from a few loose shingles is found, it can possibly be solved without needing to tear down to the roof sheathing–a much more pricey endeavor.)

What Are Some Things That Can Void a Roofing Warranty?

Laying New Shingles Over Old


One of the big things that can void a roofing warranty is laying new shingles over old ones. While some roofing contractors may claim that this is the most cost effective way to replace a roof, and that the labor costs will be less because there is no tear off and disposal, installing new shingles over old shingles can void your manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer will not guarantee that their new shingles will work on your roof because there may be a hidden problem with the underlying shingles. Also, the additional weight of the two layers of shingles can be bad for the integrity of the roof. 


Poor Maintenance


The manufacturer’s warranty, depending on the manufacturer, may require routine maintenance as part of the terms of the agreement. This can include making sure that your roof remains free of debris (if branches or limbs fall onto the roof they should be removed so as to not create dams for water to collect, and because they add extra weight to the roof). Additionally, not clearing out rain gutters can cause water to dam up and get underneath the shingles.


Poor Installation


There are cases where the roofing installer may be at fault for a voided manufacturer’s warranty. If the shingles are installed improperly–for example, if the shingles are not installed by a certified roofing contractor who works to the manufacturer’s specification–then the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided. By taking shortcuts and not using a certified roofing contractor who is familiar with the specifics of the particular shingle manufacturer’s guidelines, then the manufacturer will not cover loss. 

Damage to Shingles Caused by Weather


Damage to shingles caused by weather will cause the warranty to be voided. Almost no shingle manufacturer will cover any damage that is caused by anything including, but not limited to, wind, thick ice creating ice dams, falling debris including tree limbs (but also any items blown by the wind), lightning, and various other weather-related issues. 

Damage to Shingles Caused by the Homeowner


Shingles can be damaged by too much wear from foot traffic. Some homes have gentle slopes that are often attractive places for homeowners (or renters or children) to climb out onto to the roof. Too much foot traffic can damage the roof and void the warranty.

Can a Roofing Manufacturer Warranty Be Voided?

New shingles alone are often not enough to guarantee a roofing manufacturer warranty, and roofing manufacturer warranties can be voided in several circumstances. Some of these will depend on the roofing contractor’s actions, and some will depend on the homeowner’s actions. Knowing what can void a roofing manufacturer warranty can save you thousands of dollars down the line.

What Is a Roof Warranty?

When you get a new roof replacement it’s a big investment and you want to make sure that your investment is secure–and that it can be relied on. Consequently, it’s important that you have a roof warranty and that you understand what kind of roof warranty you have. 


There are three main types of roof warranties: a standard manufacturer’s warranty, a workmanship warranty, and an extended manufacturer’s warranty. Let’s look at each one in turn:

Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty


When your roofing contractor lays shingles on your roof, the shingles generally come with a manufacturer’s warranty, known as a basic limited lifetime warranty. In most cases, this means that your shingles will be under warranty for as long as you own the home. Depending on the manufacturer, the “limited” part of the warranty can mean different things. Most manufacturer warranties cover defective materials, but not the cost to remove or install new shingles. 


Most manufacturer warranties do cover the cost of replacing the defective shingles for a few years (depending on the manufacturer) and if the shingles are found to be defective during this time they will give you replacement shingles at no cost. This also can cover the cost of installation, but rarely covers tear-off and disposal of the defective shingles. These warranties only cover against factory defects–they do not cover problems with installation or weather-related issues. 

Roofing Contractor Workmanship Warranty


The roofing contractor who replaces your roof, Cenvar Roofing, will offer you a 10-year workmanship warranty with every installation job. The length depends on the roof warranty with some being lifetime coverage. These warranties cover installation errors and worker errors. They will typically cover the cost of labor and any materials needed to make the repairs. Workmanship warranties do NOT include weather damage, damage if the roof was altered by someone else after the roofing contractor installed it, damage caused by foot traffic on the roof, and leaks caused by falling debris hitting the roof (such as tree limbs).

Extended Manufacturer Warranty


Some manufacturers offer an extended warranty coverage on new roofs installed by roofing contractors who are certified with that particular manufacturer. Most extended warranties come with an additional cost and require that the entire roof system be replaced. The benefit is that it typically covers all roof system components, as well as labor costs for repairs and replacements, including tear-off and disposal.

Most common roofing questions

What are some of the most common roofing questions and what are the answers? Here’s a top 10 list.


1 – The first most common roofing question: How long should my roof last?


The National Association of Home Builders estimates that a shingle roof should last about 20 years. Shake roofs should last about 30 years and Slate, copper, and tile roofs can last 50+ years.


2 – Does my homeowner’s insurance cover my roof?


There are two types of claims for your roof. A repair claim and a replacement claim. The roof replacement claim is more expensive and can be harder to get the claim accepted. You’ll want to document any and all damage quickly and submit the claim as soon as possible to see if your homeowner’s insurance will cover your roof repair or replacement.


3 – Does a leaky roof need to be completely replaced?


Not always! That’s the great thing about roof repairs. Call your local roofing company and ask them to come out and give you a free roofing estimate. Once you’ve done that, the local roofers should be able to determine if your roof can be repaired or needs to be completely replaced.


4 – What does a new roof cost?


Most projects for reroofing in Virginia can fall in the $6,000 to $15,000 range. Check out our blog posts on key factors that impact the cost of a roof.


5 – What are the signs of a failing roof?


You may find curling shingles, worn spots, or missing shingles. Do you notice the roof sagging in certain places? Check out our blog post on what to look for in a roof when buying a house!


6 – Why is my roof stained?


Blue-green algae are probably the culprit here if you live in a humid area. These blue-green algae can leave dark streaks on asphalt shingle roofs. Chemical cleaning can help remove the algae!


7- How long does roof installation take?


The Cenvar Roofing team usually can complete a full roof replacement in one day! You’ll find this to be the case with many top-notch professional roofing contractors! We love to be efficient!


8 – What is flashing?


Roofing flashing are pieces of thin metal that are used to divert water away from certain spots on your roof or home. Places like your chimney, siding, or even valleys in your roof. This is a crucial aspect of your roof and is vital for keeping water out of your home.


9 – What reroofing options are available?


At Cenvar Roofing, we provide shingle roofing, metal roofing, and specialty roofing such as slate roofs, shake roofs, and tile roofs!


10 – How can I find a reliable roofing professional?


Look no further than Cenvar Roofing! If you are outside of our service areas, then you’ll want to make sure you check Google reviews, check BBB’s website for the roofing contractor in mind, and ask for friends’ and families’ recommendations. People ask for recommendations on Facebook or the NextDoor app and you’ll find lots of personal recommendations there!

What cities in the New River Valley, VA does Cenvar Roofing service?

Our New River Valley, VA roofing branch is at 4767 Wurno Rd Pulaski, VA but we service the following areas as well in the New River Valley!

Ararat, VA

Blacksburg, VA

Check, VA

Christiansburg, VA

Dublin, VA

Eggleston, VA

Elliston, VA

Floyd, VA

Glen Lyn, VA

Indian Valley, VA

Meadows of Dan, VA

Narrows, VA

Newport, VA

Pearisburg, VA

Pembroke, VA

Pilot, VA

Radford, VA

Rich Creek, VA

Riner, VA

Ripplemead, VA

Staffordsville, VA

Woolwine, VA

Pulaski, VA

Austinville, VA

Barren Springs, VA

Bastian, VA

Bland, VA

Cana, VA

Ceres, VA

Cripple Creek, VA

Crockett, VA

Draper, VA

Dugspur, VA

Elk Creek, VA

Fancy Gap, VA

Fries, VA

Galax, VA

Hillsville, VA

Hiwassee, VA

Independence, VA

Ivanhoe, VA

Laurel Fork, VA

Max Meadows, VA

Rocky Gap, VA

Rural Retreat, VA

Speedwell, VA

Willis VA

Woodlawn, VA

Wytheville, VA

Bluefield, VA

Tazewell, VA

Bluefield, WV

Athens, WV

Princeton, WV

Ballard, WV

Forest Hill, WV

Greenville, WV

Lindside, WV

Peterstown, WV

Waiteville, WV

Lerona, WV

Pipestem, WV

Best Types Of Roofs For VA?

Virginia weather is tough on roofs. From the high winds of a hurricane to the heavy snowfall of a nor’easter, your roof has to be able to withstand a lot. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type of Virginia roofing for your home or business.

There are three main types of roofs: asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and slate roofs. Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roof in the United States, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular, thanks to their durability and longevity. Slate roofs are the most expensive but also the most durable type of roof.

Contact us for more information on choosing the best Virginia roofing types!

How Much To Re-Shingle Roof In VA?

If you’re looking to re-shingle your roof in Virginia, the cost will vary depending on the size of your roof, the type of shingles you choose, and the complexity of the project. That being said, most Virginia roofing projects will fall in the $6,000 to $15,000 range.

What cities in Roanoke, VA does Cenvar Roofing service?

Our Roanoke roofing branch is at 2124 Loudon Ave NW Roanoke, VA but we service the following areas as well in Roanoke!

Roanoke, VA

Blacksburg, VA

Blue Ridge, VA

Boones Mill, VA

Buchanan, VA

Callaway, VA

Catawba, VA

Christiansburg, VA

Cloverdale, VA

Dalevile, VA

Eagle Rock, VA

Elliston, VA

Ferrum, VA

Fincastle, VA

Glade Hill, VA

Goodview, VA

Hardy, CA

Indian Valley, VA

Moneta, VA

Montvale, VA

New Castle VA

Radford, VA

Rocky Mount, VA

Salem, VA

Shawsville, VA

Thaxton, VA

Troutville, VA

Vinton, VA

Wirtz, VA

Pulaski, VA

Draper, VA

Buena Vista, VA

Clifton Forge, VA

Covington, VA

Lexington, VA

Bedford, VA

Big Island, VA

Glasgow, VA

Gretna, VA

Natural Bridge, VA

What cities in Harrisonburg, VA does Cenvar Roofing service?

Our Harrisonburg, VA roofing branch is at 925 Virginia Ave Harrisonburg, VA but we service the following areas as well in Harrisonburg!

Basye, VA

Bridgewater, VA

Broadway, VA

Churchville, VA

Crimora, VA

Dayton, VA

Elkton, VA

Fishersville, VA

Fulks Run, VA

Greenville, VA

Grottoes, VA

Harrisonburg, VA

Keezletown, VA

Luray, VA

Marshall, VA

Massanutten, V

McGaheysville, VA

Mount Solon, VA

Mount Crawford, VA

Mount Sidney, VA

New Market, VA

Penn Laird, VA

Port Republic, VA

Quicksburg, VA

Raphine, VA

Shenandoah, VA

Singers Glen, VA

Stuarts Draft, VA

Staunton, VA

Swoope, VA

Timberville, VA

Toms Brook, VA

Verona, VA

Waynesboro, VA

West Augusta, VA

Weyers Cave, VA

Woodstock, VA

What cities does Cenvar Roofing service in Charlottesville, VA?

Our Charlottesville roofing branch is at 21708 James Madison Hwy Troy, VA but we service the following areas as well in Charlottesville!

Gordonsville, VA

Zion Crossroads, VA

Palmyra, VA

Fork Union, VA

Keswick, VA

Charlottesville, VA

Commonwealth, VA

Crozet, VA

Madison, VA

Afton, VA

Arrington, VA

Barboursville, VA

Dyke, VA

Earlysville, VA

Esmont, VA

Orange, VA

Ruckersville, VA

Waynesboro, VA

Troy, VA

North Garden, VA

Scottsville, VA

Albemarle County

What cities do you service in Lynchburg, VA?

Our Lynchburg roofing branch is at 493 Crowell Lane Lynchburg, VA but we service the following areas as well in Lynchburg!

Forest, VA

Bedford, VA

Madison Heights, VA

Amherst, VA

Rustburg, VA

Moneta, VA

Appomattox, VA

Altavista, VA

Hurt, VA

Concord, VA

Monroe, VA

Buena Vista, VA

Gretna, VA

Evington, VA

Huddleston, VA

Lynch Station, VA

Gladys, VA

Goode, VA

Spout Spring, VA

Brookneal, VA

Pamplin, VA

Big Island, VA

Chatham, VA

What cities do you service in Richmond, VA?

Our Richmond roofing branch is at 506 Research Rd in North Chesterfield, VA but we service the following areas as well in Richmond!

Cumberland, VA

Powhatan, VA

Short Pump, VA

Glen Allen, VA

Midlothian, VA

Mechanicsville, VA

Amelia Court House, VA

Chester, VA

Richmond, VA

Chesterfield, VA

Henrico, VA

Moseley, VA

Sandston, VA

Prince George, VA

Petersburg, VA

Ashland, VA

DeWitt, VA

Goochland, VA

Jetersville, VA

Hopewell, VA

North Dinwiddie, VA

What does best value mean in roofing?

What does “Best Value” mean in roofing?


At Cenvar Roofing, we claim to have the highest quality, best value, and best customer service. Merriam Webster defines value as, “a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged”. When you stop to consider the components of the roofing process, for the price, you’re receiving the best value when you choose Cenvar Roofing.


It’s important to remember that quality doesn’t suffer at Cenvar Roofing because of providing value. So why does higher quality cost more at some companies? “They are usually higher priced because they have built a reputation for quality and trust,” We continue to build our reputation for quality, trust, and customer service and our reviews prove this claim, yet we still want to give a better price than our competitors.


Cenvar Roofing’s Customer Purpose Statement is, To give our customers everything they want for a better price than our competitors.”.


Between warranty, price, scheduling, options for materials and colors, and everything that is taken into consideration for roofing, we offer the best value for our customers.

Do you hand nail or use a nail gun?

We use a nail gun on the roofs we install. We use Premium Shingles, such as the Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration, that have an enhanced design that prevents nails from blowing through the shingles.

Are you local?

We often get asked the question: Where are you coming from? or Are you local?


The short answer is: YES! We are a local Virginia roofing company!


Excluding the Farmville, VA office, all of our locations are physical locations with employees who live in those areas!

Do You Offer Financing Options?

We understand that paying for a new roof in Virginia can be a challenge. This is why we have partnered with BB&T (now Truist Financial) to offer homeowners a seamless process for obtaining the funds for their roof replacement. Through this partnership, there are multiple loan options available to help you fund your roof project, including credit cards, a personal loan, or a home equity loan.

We are proud to offer this partnership as a resource. This option offers $0 money down and 0% interest for the first year with no predatory rates or surprises.

What Designer Shingles Do You Install?

We install GAF designer shingles, Owens Corning designer shingles, and Certainteed designer shingles. Our designer shingles are available in many different colors, and styles that imitate a variety of roofing materials including natural slate and wood shakes. These shingles bring an authentic, unique look to your roof and home.

We also install Davinci slate shingles,which are engineered to be lighter and more durable than natural slate, and offer wind, impact, and fire resistance for your roof.

Can I Reuse My Old Shingles?

In most cases, the old shingles are worn out and can’t protect your roof any longer. We do offer the option to add a new layer of shingles over your home’s existing roof, rather than tearing off the old shingles first. The team member who completes your estimate can determine if this is a viable option for your roof.

How Long Will My New Roof Last?

Due to developments in material technology, most new shingle and painted metal roofs can sustain natural wear and tear up to 50 years with proper maintenance and care. Most of our materials also come with a limited warranty that lasts 40-50 years.

Unpainted metal roofs can last 100+ years with proper maintenance and care. However, when a metal roof is painted, the lifespan is reduced to about 50 years.  This is because the baked enamel paint used to achieve color has a projected lifespan of about 40 years until it begins to peel and fade. Once this happens, the roof will need to be repainted or replaced in order to restore its appearance.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover A Roof Repair?

Homeowners insurance can be complicated. While our team at Cenvar Roofing is knowledgeable, we can’t know the ins and outs of each individual plan, so we recommend calling your insurance company to check. However, you can find a step by step guide to roof repair claims through homeowners insurance on our blog.

How Much Will My New Roof Cost?

Many different factors affect the overall cost of a Virginia roof replacement, including the shape, size and slope of your roof and the amount of finishing touches, like flashing, counter flashing and ventilation units, your roof needs to function properly. The total cost is also affected by the price of the specific roofing material you choose. During your free estimate appointment, the sales representative will measure your roof, take these factors into account and provide you with a customized quote.

How Long Will A Roof Replacement Take?

The length of time needed to replace a roof varies. Our goal is to finish each roof replacement the same day we start it. However, depending on the size and shape and material of the roof, it may take longer. We will give you a projected length of the project during the initial free estimate appointment.

How Do I Know My Roof Needs To Be Replaced?

In some cases, there are telltale signs, like a leak, or missing or damaged shingles that indicate a roof repair or replacement is needed. Loose granules on the roof or in the gutters are also signs that the shingles could be damaged. If an area of your roof has a spongy texture when you’re walking on it, the roof likely has damage. But many Virginia roofing problems aren’t visible from the ground. If you suspect damage to your shingle roof the best thing to do is schedule a free estimate. Let our qualified team members diagnose the problem and present the solution.

Still Have Questions?

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